Saturday, September 19, 2015

Sprains strains and laser machines

I just got home from babysitting on the Upper East Side.  It was a breeze but the train journey home was about an hour and a half.  It reinforced just how delighted I am to get home these days.  It's always nice to get home after a long day or a stressful subway ride but what's even nicer is getting home to Lincoln Place.  Yet another extended chorus of 'I'm so happy I moved to Brooklyn'; it's been a while since the last one.  Just...everything.
I'm trying to gather together the myriad of pictures from England so I can post them all but it's taking a while because I uploaded them all to different places from my phone for safekeeping.  I'll never be great at being a techie millennial let's be honest.

In other news I slightly sprained my foot earlier in the week, thankfully I work for a physical therapist who gave me some free laser therapy.  I was skeptical but one roller disco and one 5.05 mile run say lasers are magic!!!
How it works: Troy assessed my damage manually, he's been doing this a long time so he can poke and prod a little and know what's happened to what very quickly.  I tore some tendons, things holding parts of my foot to other parts of my foot got yanked on pretty hard and it was subsequently inflamed, also a little bruised in places.  Laser therapy stimulates rapid tissue repair because of...light frequencies? Ok so I don't know more than 'stimulates rapid tissue repair' but that's what it does.  Troy also did some more manual work by performing muscle activation techniques on my foot which super hurt but did the job.  He moved my foot around to different angles and then he had me resist against his hand for a count o 5.  The positions he put my foot in are chosen specifically based on which muscles they will help to activate.  It sounds kind of complicated but he does it so quickly and intuitively it seems like nothing is happening, until he does a second round and suddenly you find it 10x easier to resist the pressure he puts on.
Evidence: When I woke up in the morning, moving my foot at all caused me pain and even putting it on the ground was unbearable.  Actually putting weight on it was impossible.  I had to hop a lot.
By the middle of the day I was hobbling on the inside of my foot, the part that didn't get beaten up.
By the end of the day I could put it down flat and by last night I could rollerskate soooo.

PS I did by tripping over a cracked paving stone whilst running quite hard, to save myself from going flat on my face I had to do a giant lunge forward which landed on a twisted right foot.

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