Thursday, September 17, 2015

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Time for some catch ups...where to begin!
I'll begin way back in June.  I never blogged about it but I was in a production of Merchant of Venice playing goody two-shoes sidekick Salanio who says 'tis vile unless it may be quaintly ordered and better in my mind not undertook', basically a massive killjoy. Also spends most of the time gossiping about the drama in Venice with best buddy Salarino/providing the audience with necessary exposition.
So that happened! That was my Shakespeare fix for the summer.
During that time I also as you know went to Portland the final days of which I have yet to recount and will in due course.

Then for three weeks things were pretty quiet and I enjoyed the searing summer heat in between babysitting and working at All Systems Go physical therapy studio and for Lila Azam Zanganeh a French-Iranian writer.
This is the studio at All Systems Go.  It has a therapy area, gym equipment and pilates equipment and I occupy a table in a corner.  It's in Chelsea on 28th st and 7th Ave, it's pretty nice.
This is my other 'office', view from the window of Lila's apartment on 73rd and 5th - preeetty fancy stuff.  It's a pain to get to though.

During that time I also worked with Fundamental Theatre Project on holding an event promoting the production of One Day When We Were Young that Sam and Val took to Edinburgh Fringe.  We held two invited rehearsals of the play for which we charged no admission and asked for donations in exchange for wine and a spread after the performance.  Myself and Ali the company's managing director ran things on the day since Sam was busy prepping for the performances and I had a lot of fun, Ali is one of the straight up nicest ladies I've ever come across and she also gives all of us wardrobe envy.  We're really happy to have her being out managing director because she'd also freakishly organised and gets it done while Sam is schmoozing with people and charming them into helping us and I am somewhere else going 'guys guys I have an idea can we do this can we can we'.  Sam is Pooh, the one everyone knows and loves.  Ali is Owl, keeping things going using her brain.  I am Piglet.  I could do the rest of the Hundred Acre Wood using other company members...hmm I spose Lauren has to be Tigger.

I also went to see Modest Mouse, almighty gods of indie punk at the Prospect Park bandshell who were absolutely stellar.  I rode my bike a fair amount, mostly to the part to lie on the grass and read and then to the ice cream place on my way home, and a couple of times to Sam's place in Red Hook. Pretty idyllic summer stuff. We celebrated Lauren's birthday early - see earlier post - and shortly after I made the journey to Newark International to fly to ENGLAND which definitely merits it's own post so that is what it shall have.  Also I will add pictures to this post when I have a minute.

Modest Mouse ROCK SO HARD

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