Sunday, September 27, 2015

When it's time for a cup of tea

- woke up
- completed a physically strenuous task
- taking a break from a physically strenuous task
- in the middle of a mentally strenuous    task
- completed a mentally strenuous task
- got home
- someone came over
- you went to the supermarket and now have some cake or biscuits
- watching TV
- reading
- talking on the phone/will soon be talking on the phone
- just got out of the bath/shower
- about to get into the bath/shower
- you're chilly
- you're a bit warm
- after a meal
- instead of a meal
- you just got to work
- you're tired and need to wake up
- you're wired and need to calm down
- any instance of any level of tragedy: break ups, deaths, natural disasters, lost favourite hat, lost job, fell down the stairs
- illness (not a substitute for a medical professional in the case of serious conditions)
- in any way incapacitated, broken limbs etc: an extra pair of hands is helpful
- the world is just too much sometimes
- full moon causing ridiculous things to happen
- you'd just quite like a hug but noone is nearby
- you'd just quite like something stronger but don't want to spend the money effort or hangover
- all day low level grumpiness
- the kettle's just boiled
- time to kill
- before going to bed
- anything at all happens
- nothing at all happens
- everything happens all at the same time

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

One 11 hour day later...

And I have lost a duvet.

Autumn is here. I bid a sad farewell to warm nights with my windows wide open. And I get out my duvet because just a sheet is no longer warm enough.

Except I don't because I've lost it. How in the name of arse does one lose a duvet? How? It's not a pac-a-mac it doesn't fold up into a small compact bag!

Things that happen to Tessa that don't happen to not Tessa.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Step into my office

I have a new bedroom office setup, thanks to the simple addition of a small folding table.  Now instead of trying to be productive from a horizontal position squashed amongst pillows on my bed, a position in which it is all too easy to get really comfy and drift towards Buzzfeed instead of doing stuff, I can sit in my window with lots of nice stimulating natural light, with my lovely bird cushion to provide essential chair comfort, and an empty windowsill where I can keep my cup of tea/snacks.  You can also see in this picture that the floor beneath my new mini desk is strewn with books - I have a looong list of 'to-reads' as well as a bunch of plays I'm trying to scorch through in search of material with an international focus that Fundamental Theatre Project can use.

On books -
I'm currently FINALLY finishing The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy, which I have started at least 6 times before.  I just finished Of Love and Other Demons by Gabriel Garcia Marquez and I finished Love in the Time Of Cholera earlier this year, as well as The Unbearable Lightness of Being (Kundera - as melancholy as can be expected), Women (Bukowski - ugh, abhorrent man abhorrent and damaging book, I cried in sheer disgust and horror through most of it, I've read one and will never read another), This Is How You Lose Her (Junot Diaz - fantastic and vibrant).  Ten years too late I finally read the book I wrote an essay on in year 10, for which I received an excellent grade - Brave New World.  Sorry for the deception Mr Minford, I'm just that good at writing essays.
I also read Slaughterhouse Five, my third book by Kurt Vonnegut so far.  Last year I read Bluebeard and Mother Night.  He's an easy go-to - I know I will like it so I try and avoid getting Vonnegut from the library until I've finished at least 3 others on the list.
I'm also halfway through American Pastoral by Philip Roth.  I started it because Valorie aka future Mrs Sam is starring in an upcoming movie of it; it's taking me a while to wade through.  I like it but have decided it is not a book one can devour like I devoured all the Garcia Marquez.  Also someway through Lolita which is alarming and disturbing but it's not like I didn't know what it was about.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Bits n Bobs

Meet my new puppy friend. His name is Bobs. As you can see he is the breed I was born to be best friends with. I'm besotted.
He belongs to Sam and Val. I'm equal parts envious and exasperated.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

For miles

I can see the red light on top of the Empire State Building from my bed. Can't make this stuff up.

Sprains strains and laser machines

I just got home from babysitting on the Upper East Side.  It was a breeze but the train journey home was about an hour and a half.  It reinforced just how delighted I am to get home these days.  It's always nice to get home after a long day or a stressful subway ride but what's even nicer is getting home to Lincoln Place.  Yet another extended chorus of 'I'm so happy I moved to Brooklyn'; it's been a while since the last one.  Just...everything.
I'm trying to gather together the myriad of pictures from England so I can post them all but it's taking a while because I uploaded them all to different places from my phone for safekeeping.  I'll never be great at being a techie millennial let's be honest.

In other news I slightly sprained my foot earlier in the week, thankfully I work for a physical therapist who gave me some free laser therapy.  I was skeptical but one roller disco and one 5.05 mile run say lasers are magic!!!
How it works: Troy assessed my damage manually, he's been doing this a long time so he can poke and prod a little and know what's happened to what very quickly.  I tore some tendons, things holding parts of my foot to other parts of my foot got yanked on pretty hard and it was subsequently inflamed, also a little bruised in places.  Laser therapy stimulates rapid tissue repair because of...light frequencies? Ok so I don't know more than 'stimulates rapid tissue repair' but that's what it does.  Troy also did some more manual work by performing muscle activation techniques on my foot which super hurt but did the job.  He moved my foot around to different angles and then he had me resist against his hand for a count o 5.  The positions he put my foot in are chosen specifically based on which muscles they will help to activate.  It sounds kind of complicated but he does it so quickly and intuitively it seems like nothing is happening, until he does a second round and suddenly you find it 10x easier to resist the pressure he puts on.
Evidence: When I woke up in the morning, moving my foot at all caused me pain and even putting it on the ground was unbearable.  Actually putting weight on it was impossible.  I had to hop a lot.
By the middle of the day I was hobbling on the inside of my foot, the part that didn't get beaten up.
By the end of the day I could put it down flat and by last night I could rollerskate soooo.

PS I did by tripping over a cracked paving stone whilst running quite hard, to save myself from going flat on my face I had to do a giant lunge forward which landed on a twisted right foot.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Hello Blog

Time for some catch ups...where to begin!
I'll begin way back in June.  I never blogged about it but I was in a production of Merchant of Venice playing goody two-shoes sidekick Salanio who says 'tis vile unless it may be quaintly ordered and better in my mind not undertook', basically a massive killjoy. Also spends most of the time gossiping about the drama in Venice with best buddy Salarino/providing the audience with necessary exposition.
So that happened! That was my Shakespeare fix for the summer.
During that time I also as you know went to Portland the final days of which I have yet to recount and will in due course.

Then for three weeks things were pretty quiet and I enjoyed the searing summer heat in between babysitting and working at All Systems Go physical therapy studio and for Lila Azam Zanganeh a French-Iranian writer.
This is the studio at All Systems Go.  It has a therapy area, gym equipment and pilates equipment and I occupy a table in a corner.  It's in Chelsea on 28th st and 7th Ave, it's pretty nice.
This is my other 'office', view from the window of Lila's apartment on 73rd and 5th - preeetty fancy stuff.  It's a pain to get to though.

During that time I also worked with Fundamental Theatre Project on holding an event promoting the production of One Day When We Were Young that Sam and Val took to Edinburgh Fringe.  We held two invited rehearsals of the play for which we charged no admission and asked for donations in exchange for wine and a spread after the performance.  Myself and Ali the company's managing director ran things on the day since Sam was busy prepping for the performances and I had a lot of fun, Ali is one of the straight up nicest ladies I've ever come across and she also gives all of us wardrobe envy.  We're really happy to have her being out managing director because she'd also freakishly organised and gets it done while Sam is schmoozing with people and charming them into helping us and I am somewhere else going 'guys guys I have an idea can we do this can we can we'.  Sam is Pooh, the one everyone knows and loves.  Ali is Owl, keeping things going using her brain.  I am Piglet.  I could do the rest of the Hundred Acre Wood using other company members...hmm I spose Lauren has to be Tigger.

I also went to see Modest Mouse, almighty gods of indie punk at the Prospect Park bandshell who were absolutely stellar.  I rode my bike a fair amount, mostly to the part to lie on the grass and read and then to the ice cream place on my way home, and a couple of times to Sam's place in Red Hook. Pretty idyllic summer stuff. We celebrated Lauren's birthday early - see earlier post - and shortly after I made the journey to Newark International to fly to ENGLAND which definitely merits it's own post so that is what it shall have.  Also I will add pictures to this post when I have a minute.

Modest Mouse ROCK SO HARD

Monday, September 14, 2015

One of them

I realise that my last couple of posts have been about running which means I have become one of them. One of those people about whom I have written in the past with semi-humourous bitterness. People who's entire lives seem to be about working out.
No need to tell me to eat my words, I've already made them into a green smoothie with a shot of wheatgrass, some chia seeds and protein from a non-animal non-soy non-GMO source as a healthy post-run replenisher.
Or I would've if I had a blender.

Let this post mark a return to more standard updating and pictures - I have a ton.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Victory pics

From my first run round Prospect Park.

I ran from my house to Prospect Park which is about 1.3 miles. I'm going to find out my exact distances when I get home. Then around the park which is 3.35 miles - I did cut off a little early since I already had that mile at the beginning. I also had a couple of walk breaks near the start and one sit down to massage my knees out.
I stopped running at the the last place where it was possible for me to leave the park road and go onto the main grass area - I wanted to spend a few minutes lying on the grass in the drowsy rays of a sinking sun and bask in my euphoria. Also it was a good spot to watch the cricket game the cricket game that locals get up at weekends, it's really fun to watch and they play while blasting dancehall and reggae music.

I checked the distance, and with eliminating the walk breaks I ran 4.59 miles total which is 7.38km. Whaaaat! What! I'm only 2.62 off a 10k! What's going on!

It's a celebration weekend in Crown Heights, tomorrow brings the West Indian American day parade. 2 million people are coming here to party for all Caribbean nations. There will be dancers, music, floats, food and carnival costumes.  Tonight is 'juve' from 'j'ouvert' as in French for opening and it is essentially the pre-parade night of partying. All around the neighbourhood at the moment there is music blasting. Going to the parade tomorrow conveniently positioned a block from my front door.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Tracking progress

A couple of post run pics from the last week. Officially hit 3.35 miles which took me 37 minutes. The Prospect Park loop is 3.35 miles. Ergo I can run the Prospect Park loop with zero problems! Well actually I'll have to see, there is more uphill in the park so it's probably tougher.
The one issue I'm having is timing. At the moment it's way too hot to run during the day so I've been going after 8pm when it's cooled off a smidgen.  As streetwise and rad as I am I do know not to run through a big park alone in the dark in NYC.  My other option of course is to get up at 5.50am, run from 6-6.30 and then get ready for and begin my day. Not impossible but typically my days end late so early starts would force me to compromise on some valuable sleeping time.  I don't know I'll work it out. Or coerce someone to go with me at night one day. Or force myself to go in the day and just sweat it out.
Anyway continuing to be proud of my progress and mental fortitude!

In finite jest

If self-deprecation were an Olympic event I'd be...probably not very good

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Two thoughts

Business idea: 60s music-themed ice cream shop called Churn Churn Churn

What if Mick had met Paul and Keith had met John?
Roommate gave me one plausible scenario: Richards and Lennon would have been 6 feet under by age 21 and McCartney and Jagger would have been a failure.