Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Santa Nueva York

I was just heading home from an hour of lugging boxes of books around on the upper east side...don't ask it's a whole painting saga...anyway to get home I was going to take take the crosstown bus at 72nd St through the park. To my dismay it was at the bus stop as I was getting close so I started running and shouting wait cos often they will. Not this time - it pulled away with me running alongside so I was left dishevelled and busless.
A taxi driver had spotted this and heard my anguished wails of 'awwwwww....come ooooon!' rolled down his window and called to me to get in. I said no thank you I can't afford a cab but he persisted and said he would get me to the bus. So I jumped in and he chased it down and stopped in front of it so it couldn't leave without me again all for the price of nothing. I thanked him as many times as I could while flinging myself to the curb and alighted breathless on the bus where the driver gave me a look of...I want to say begrudging respect with a hint of indulgent appreciation for my scrappiness. But maybe I'm reading too much into it.
Anyway. I believe he was sent by the Saint of New York (yes, I mean Woody Allen) to rescue me from 40 minutes at a bus stop and a very late arrival home just when I needed it most.
Angels walk and drive among us!

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