Thursday, August 27, 2015

Running towards

I was expecting an absolute shitshow of a week.  I know I know, if you have negative expectations they will come true blerp blerp
This week I think I officially disproved this theory because it has been a tiring week but also full of little surprises that have warmed my heart and stirred my stone cold soul.

I have also astonished myself with my unprecedented burst of running motivation.  Whether it's because I had that lovely break and feel renewed strength to do so, or because I am finally learning to love it with a route I enjoy or something else entirely, I'm making great strides in making great strides.  Sticking firm with my 3 mile route for the last couple of runs and maintaining a steady pace. In fact I'm shaving off minutes without even trying.  On the route I take, I struggle a bit through the first few minutes as they're sliiightly uphill and I think 'I won't make it to the end without having to pause or walk' and then I'll look up and realise I'm at Franklin Avenue.
See I leave from my place, pretty much starting on Brooklyn Avenue and running along Eastern Parkway, and I hit New York, Nostrand, Rogers, Bedford, Franklin, Classon, Washington then past the museum and down to Grand Army Plaza where I swing round and come back crossing the same avenues but along St Johns and Lincoln instead of Eastern Parkway.  When I make it to Franklin Avenue without even realising, it gives me enough new heart to make it to Grand Army Plaza where there must be some enchantment in place because crossing the plaza gives me this awesome second wind and the journey home is a total breeze.
And then...ENDORPHINS!

I already related the tale of the Angel disguised as a cab driver.

Here's one about the Carlos who wouldn't give up: earlier this week I had the thankless task of restoring an apartment that I previously had packed away in preparation for painting.  I had to squeeze this in post-babysitting and the thought of how it would all work was causing me all kinds of anxiety.  It was a substantial job involving a baby grand piano, lots of incredibly heavy furniture and a gazillion books and ceramic objets d'art.  My good friend Carlos who has in the past helped me move so many many things learned how I would be spending my evening and gave up his own to come and help me.  He also watched me prostrate myself on the floor having spent half an hour trying to make the edges of two separate rugs line up but not touch to no avail..the whole thing involved him lifting the piano/cast iron table so I could try and pull the carpet into place...and after there still were no straight lines I pretty much dissolved into hysterical giggling.  He watched without judgement. He's a pretty great friend.

And here's one about a kind employer.  A slightly awkward situation in babysitting world occurred. An external set of parents who don't employ regular childcare because they are frequently at home/their oldest is 14 tend to make use of myself and my co-babysitter Melinda.  Sometimes we will make plans with our combined four boys and arrive at work and find ourselves with extras.  It's a little tricky because we are not paid extra for the extra and we are unwilling to take that large a group of rambunctious boys around the city.  Going to the nearby park is different, they all live within walking distance anyway but subways and crowded streets, no thank you.  Such a thing happened today and we were faced with the uncomfortable situation of needing to take the extras home so that we could continue our planned day and do the jobs we are paid to do - occupy the boys belonging to our respective employer families with interesting things so they don't sit inside staring at screens all day.  We don't mind the extra kids in themselves but without notice and an extra pair of hands, and eyes, we can't sensibly do the things we come up with - museums, board game cafes, comic book shop visits and the like.
I had to take them home, and it was an unhappy time all around for the kids and for myself and Melinda.
Lucky me, I have a fantastic supporter in the mother who I work for.  She took the time not only to discuss with the parents why it wasn't ok to ditch their kids without notice on us unsuspecting and helpless babysitters (we are not in an easy position to tell them no) but to call me this evening to say sorry for not protecting me more in that situation.  I'm so touched that she did that because she already defended the babysitter alongside her own today.

I saw both my roommates at the same time - in fact they were both standing in the living room when I came home so for a glorious 10 minutes we were all in the same room.  I do like them so very much they are really great to me.

Ummmm...I'm out of specific things for now but want to put my general gratitude out into the Universe for granting me so many lucky and happy breaks this week, the week that I had entered with fear and trepidation.

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