Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Gonna lay down my burden

Down by the river side.

The Willamette river flows through Portland and Justin's house is close by so on Wednesday morning I took a stroll along it.  Very tranquil.  Happy dogs jumping in after sticks and balls being thrown for them then waiting patiently half submerged for them to be thrown again.  Big dogs! Labradors!

Deceptive grey sky - it was really hot.

Dream house

Fish I nearly tripped over

Crazy spaceship house on the left with it's yacht

Feeling blissed out

Fine volcanic sand

Wildlife reserve.  I had my fingers crossed I'd see a beaver, I didn't but I did see herons

And then, up by the railway line bike path

And then I somehow was in the woods

Frog and tadpole conservation area

And back into town

A beautiful cafe/local and organic grocery place where I had fantastic eggs with salmon

I don't get it but I like it

After I'd fortified myself with mad protein I set off for Mt. Tabor, a volcanic cinder cone and park in SE Portland.  I took a bus along Belmont and then stomped up and up until I entered the park.  On the way I enjoyed more wonderful views of Mount St Helens - it never gets old, it's so pretty.

Come with me...

It was about now that I realised I was living my lifelong Pocahontas dream...come run the hidden pine trees of the forest!
Can you paint with all the colours of the wind?

Childhood dreams! 

After the descent, I wandered back along Hawthorne and spent an hour or so recharging in a coffee shop.  But not before I stopped off at another food cart pod for some Viking Soul Food (oh my gaaaaad...where do I get it in NY? Where??? SO. GOOD I had a 'troll snack' :D) and Hawaiian-Korean BBQ (bbq pulled pork with grilled pineapple in a huge bun). 

Some sights I enjoyed along Hawthorne...some crocheted a cover for this lamp post...in case it was cold??

A beautiful bright house

 Rose City

A little encouragement

 Beautiful suburban streets

One of Portland's notorious spots, and frequently named one of the best ice cream shops in the US...
Salt and Straw!

Where you can get fresh delicious ice cream in flavours such as
Pear and blue cheese
Strawberry honey balsamic with black pepper
Olive oil
Almond brittle with salted ganache

And they partner with local food vendors to produce the likes of:
Kimchee and rice
Tahini and cardamom
Goat's milk and lingonberry
Poutine (which is essentially stuff over french fries...the same place as I got the PB&J fries provided this flavour)
Khao Mon Gai peanut butter (Thai peanut sauce style)

I tried 'em all and more! So much fun, they want you to try as many as you can and the sample spoonfuls are hefty.

I ended up with pear/blue cheese and almond brittle/salted ganache.  I was only charged for half of it. Because people in Portland seem to want me to enjoy delicious treats for minimal cost.

 This delightful girl made my already made day with my free second scoop and a lovely conversation.

Look at that damn sky!

Then I found another amazing looking cart pod...and regretted how full I was.

And then I took the bus home.  Full and satisfying day, tired body.

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