Saturday, July 25, 2015

American Pastoral (Brooklyn edition)

It's 9am on Saturday.  It's a beautiful day, the sky is blue, there is a bit of a breeze coming through the window and it's very quiet outside.  And I have NOTHING to do all day.  Nowhere to be, noone to answer to.  It feels pretty damn great.  I'm having a cup of tea and watching Black Books while I blog.
I'm not sure where D&D are (David and Dan, I've decided they need an abbreviation)
but I haven't seen either since yesterday morning and so far noone else has stirred in the house so I'm going to take a longer than average shower while things are quiet.  I think I'll go to the park, go by the amazing ice cream shop, paint my know.  Day off stuff.

I will first continue with the unfinished epic that is my Portland blog series.

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