Monday, June 1, 2015

It's been a while since I ranted

I'm probably repeating myself but oh god do I hate the bullshit fitness culture that exists...everywhere. It seems that way anyway.
I loathe it I abhor it I despise it and I scorn it.  And I'm big enough to admit that it's not least because part of me harbours a shameful desire to be one of those sculpted people who smugly walk around in $50 workout leggings all day.  They were fitness clothes as their every day wear, because at any given moment they might go to the gym for 3 hours.

I hate it all the more because it sucks me in and I have to resist and then I feel guilty for resisting - because that's how the whole machine works, it's based on guilt - and then I kick myself for feeling guilty because that's nonsense.

I just wish someone, anyone else here would agree with me! Too many friends and acquaintances really do buy into the dangerous fitness myths that are only increasing in popularity.

Here's how it seems to go:

I've joined the gym


To get fit

*is it really to get fit or is it to lose weight*

*you don't need to join a gym to get fit*

*day-to-day functional fitness is actually pretty easy to achieve in a city where you walk, a lot, and carry things with you on those walks, and buildings don't have lifts, and you usually have to make a trek to do laundry, and you stand up on pubic transportation*

I had an injury and my physio has a series of exercises to do to strengthen the muscles around it

Cool! Good luck! OR

I just need to do more, I'm just not in the shape I want to be in

You're already actually a decent level of fitness just from the life you live, have you joined the gym because you want to get extra fit so you can become an athlete? Competitive weight lifting? Joining a football league soon and want to be in shape for when the season starts?

No none of those I just want to get in shape

So, you want to lose weight?



Because I'm medically overweight and it's bad for my joints and heart

Fair enough. OR

Because, bikini season is coming!

Shut the fuck up that's not a valid reason for anything.  You can wear a bikini if you want, when you want.  

I think that's what my hatred of stupid vapid fitness culture boils down to.
If most of us, in NY in particular, were super honest with ourselves, we've joined a gym or spin class or something in order to have a 'better' body, in other words to more closely adhere to the standards of attractiveness dictated by marketing and advertising.

And so many people pretend that's not the case! It just kills me.  I'll admit it - why do I belong to a gym? Because I have this silly, shallow notion that I will one day knuckle down, go every day for a month and emerge glorious and muscle bound at the end of that month, women's jaws will drop with envy and men will line up to pledge their souls to me.

If I managed to go to the gym every day it would mean I'd neglected at least 3 other things in my life, and even then who knows what I'd look like in a month.  Probably not that different to how I look now so I can't imagine it would be worth it.

It pains me that people I know and care about are sold on the fitness myths and can't see around them. It pains me that multitudes of people and specifically women flock to the gym every day in search of this thing that has been promised...and many of them achieve it, many of them have what would be deemed smokin' hot bodies, well bully for them what are you going to use it for? Advanced beach laying? Nuclear posing?

I know there are plenty of people who have good reasons for going to the gym but I can't fathom people who think it's a great way to spend a sunny Saturday afternoon in a city buzzing with free concerts, outdoor dance parties, food markets, beach buses, rooftop film screenings and much more.
Life is too short to spend a great deal of time in a gym, if that's not what your chosen life's vocation is.  Go run in a park.  Go play frisbee on a beach, go walk around the Met that's several miles if you do the whole thing.  Go do grocery shopping! All of these equate to exercise.

So many anger tangents this is going to lose it's cohesion but...IT'S NOT OVER

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