Monday, June 1, 2015

Cool rider

Officially joined the legions of Brooklyn bikers.
I've inherited David's old bike and today I took it by a bike shop for a once over and some air in the tyres. There is no bike pump in the house despite there being three bikes.
After the nice bike man pronounced everything in good shape, pumped up tyres and sold me a bell, lights and a chain, I cycled the 5 minutes home to hurriedly attach my bell and lights so as to be a law abiding cyclist.
As soon as that was done and I set the combination on my lock, I rode on to Eastern Parkway, a greenway which takes me directly to Prospect Park. Adjectives I would use for this part of my day include carefree, joyous, buoyant, gleeful and triumphant.
I stopped for an ice cream before entering the park and doing a full circuit (with a sunbathing stop). Prospect Park is err really big, bigger than I've so far given it credit for. I've never seen the lake there before but it's very nice. You can also ride horses, have barbecues and go to a rollerdisco all of which I support.
And then I rode home again!
Pretty much the absolute best sunny Saturday I could have had. I feel that life has changed significantly for me with the addition of a bike...I hope so anyway. Getting around Brooklyn will certainly be a breeze and eventually I may be persuaded to ride to Manhattan, if I can find a chaperone. Every one makes it look so easy but I'm nervous about the one way systems - what if I'm planning to go down a certain street but I'm not allowed to and then I can't figure out how to get to where I want to get? Short of memorising by heart the NYC bike path map I'm not sure how people manage.
Big thanks to David for donating his bike to me and yay me for taking the leap - I have never ever ridden a bike in a more urban area than Alresford before. I'm quite impressed with myself.

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