Saturday, June 6, 2015

Belated pic blast

My Birthday meal at my namesake restaurant - I never blogged about this. Tessa is on 77th and Amsterdam, the menu is mostly French and Italian with staples like the Tessa burger (I'm a burger! Dreams come true every day) but then there's bouillabaisse and octopus salad and risotto and rabbit a pretty fantastic cocktail list. I'm also a cheeseboard, a salad and both signature and vintage cocktails. I had the Amsterdam Punch: Goslings Rum, Muddled Cherries, Creme Yvette, Lime, Ginger Beer, Balsamic - absolute magic in a glass.

Joining me on my night of luxury living: anti clockwise from me, Maite/Joris/Carlos/Jacob/Lauren.

Just look at that table! Lovely glassware, nice lighting, good looking bunch of folks.  Consider me stunningly fortunate to have nice friends, nice places to go, nice food to eat.

NB We all shared the selection of dips: carrot harissa, smoked eggplant, ricotta cheese & cucumber dill, lavash bread, then I got the scallops with lemon risotto, followed by the Chocolate Cremeux (salted caramel mousse, hazelnut ice cream, coconut chocolate chantilly).  And I made Carlos trade me some of his rabbit cavatelli for a scallop.
I'll dream of that meal until next Birthday.

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