Saturday, May 16, 2015

Style file

And they have! It's been beautiful in NYC the past few weeks! I am thoroughly enjoying it.  Sun means bright mornings, light evenings, outdoor seating at bars and restaurants, the park and SUMMER CLOTHES

It's my most superficial reason for loving summer but I really am ecstatic to be back in spring summer wardrobe.  Clothes are an important creative outlet for me, yes I said it yes it's true.  

NB barefaced in a taxi over the Brooklyn Bridge - a year ago I never would have a picture like this with such clear skin.  Congratulations to me!

Skirts and dresses and flares oh my!
The challenge is dressing to feel like myself and be able to get through a long, multi-job, two-borough day in one outfit.  Like, can I wear it for babysitting and for an FTP meeting and for frozen margaritas? 
Yes yes I can!

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