Friday, May 1, 2015

Night food confessions

I'm very behind on my blogging.  When so much stuff happens I get overwhelmed and it just kind of passes by.  I'll get to the backlog eventually.

Meanwhile, sidebar

I've had a lot of weird schedule lately, odd combinations of late nights and not late nights which leave me kind of all over the place with sleeping and mealtimes.  Let's be real I gave up mealtimes years ago.
The erratic...ism? has led to some pretty weird food choices.  I'm ok with it...I still get my vegetables (mostly) and some decent carbs and probably not quite enough's not an amazing diet but it's not terrible and I can really step it up when I make a little effort.

Ok I'm definitely trying to make myself feel better, this past week or so it's been horrendous.  I can't lie to myself or anyone else.  Here are my weird and mostly night food confessions.

For breakfast, at approximately 1pm:
A huge bowl of sweet potato mash
Dairy Milk

Night food:
An entire avocado

Hungover, oops:
A fish sandwich (like, fried breaded fast food fish) and a fried chicken leg.  A lot of fizzy drinks.

Next day, never quite got over the first hangover then had cocktails the evening of the first hangover:
The rest of the fried chicken I couldn't deal with yesterday.  Cool Whip*

Throughout the week, as handy snacks/whatever meal it's closest too:
Chocolate chip cookies, Cool Whip, raspberry gelato.  Cool Whip cookie sandwiches.

Grilled cheese

Grilled cheese
A doughnut

Lunch AND dinner, same day:
Macaroni and cheese except it's not macaroni and cheese so I don't know where they get off calling it that it should be called fakeroni and what is this?

Late afternoon snack:
Two cheese empanadas from a food truck

In general:
Cool Whip


*dairy-based low fat whipped dessert sub-ice cream with a ton of crap in it.  Tastes so good but so wrong.

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