Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Me and my gals

(This is the beginning of my addressing the backlog of undocumented events, bear with me)
As of yet unblogged but very important: last month, LOLA came to town!

She was here about 10 days and she had a mission to make use of the AMDA library to gather resources for her musical theatre students in Mexico City.  /a mission to eat brunch have drinks go to parks and see shows which she did with aplomb.  And some shopping.
It was wonderful seeing her a little under a year since we said our sad farewells.  When she left at the end of this trip it was weird because it felt like we'd only just done the whole thing very recently, though it's been since last May.  Anyway she's doing fabulously in Mexico City and I'm very proud of all she's achieving.  We were super lucky to get her back for a little while and it's a nice reminder that most things in life are impermanent.  Sometimes that's not a great thing but in the case of separated friends it's very good indeed.

There she is on the left unable to believe her good fortune in being surrounded by such fine people.

We enjoyed a variety of activities including going to bars (standard) and going to The Uncommons, one of the funnest places in the city.  It's a board game cafe with about 500 games.  We mostly go for things that will result in comedy.

Lola and I kickin it old school, doing what we did best as roommates - order Thai food,wear pyjamas, watch a movie.  Ahhh the good old days.

Lauren's parents also visited and I had a lovely brunch with them.  And they took this picture.  Thanks Gordon and Sheila! How did such great people end up with this muppet ^^^

Lola posted this picture on Facebook on my Birthday - it's an old picture but I didn't know it existed (that's her phone) and I wanted to share it because isn't it nice? Our hair game is pretty perfect here.

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