Sunday, April 5, 2015


I was feeling quite down all day because I went to see some live music last night and I ran into someone I'd rather not have run into so I woke up feeling residual crossness about that...also I was hungry and because it's Easter Sunday, there are a LOT of people in the streets in large groups walking SLOWLY


But then I went to Jacob's Pickles a place that specialises in yes, pickles, and also Southern comfort food - fried chicken, American 'biscuits and gravy', pancakes, 'grits' (which is like a kind of cornmeal porridge, I think) and I ate mushroom gravy-smothered fried chicken on a biscuit (biscuits means large savoury scones, essentially) with cheese grits and coffee, it was huge, I scarfed down the whole thing. The waiter was really really nice and I had a lovely table so that turned my day around.

A quick note with regard to my eating habits nowadays: I pretty much maintain a vegan diet at home.
Any meal I eat at home (usually breakfast, frequently dinner, sometimes lunch or any given hybrid) contains no meat or dairy.  It's super easy to do this: just don't buy meat or dairy.  If I'm eating out I have whatever I feel like because well that's sort of the point of eating out, to have what you wouldn't have made yourself at home.  I also occasionally work in a food establishment dedicated to British fare - here, all rules are out the window because I'm pretty much in England there.  And in England, I eat meat and dairy.  I also am fairly relaxed about what I eat at babysitting, simply because if I'm there for dinner and need to eat something, I am choosing from what's in that house.  Usually I can remain at least vegetarian there.
If this all sounds very complicated it's not, it's simpler than trying to be as rigorous as I used to be. Simply put it's sometimes a little inconvenient to hunt down the nearest vegan sandwich shop every time I need to grab something on the go, and if I'm in a place where I can eat for free I'd be a fool to spend money on food.
I'm good with this.  I got to a point with trying to maintain a vegan diet where I felt some neuroses creeping in and had to have a stern word with myself about not beating myself up everytime I ate some cake during girl talk time at Magnolia, or pepperoni pizza at a friend's house movie night.  Eating no meat or dairy was never supposed to become something that would control my entire life or stop me from enjoying myself or make me feel guilty.  So when guilt did start sneaking up on me I wanted to nip it in the bud.  Now I have more relaxed dietary choices, and I am more relaxed.

Anyway now I'm really full and pretty much lolling around listening to the EXCELLENT KEXP Radio podcast 'Music That Matters' I can't recommend it enough, the music selections are stellar and lead me to a new huge favourite, Aussie singer songwriter/rocker Courtney Barnett.

Which leads me to another thing that brightened my day, which is the news that Ms Barnett is playing 3 dates at the Bowery Ballroom in May and, fingers crossed, I will be able to go for free with my lovely Aussie friend Rosi whos husband Jeff has a very cool job at a record label and knoooows people...I'm hoping and praying anyway! I love Rosi she is top notch.

And it's my BIRTHDAY in 3 weeks and my DAD is going to be here! Which is such magical news I can scarcely believe it, I cannot WAIT to show off my new nabe and hopefully the weather will be nice enough for Prospect Park and visits to other lovely Brooklyn areas as yet unseen.

Oh I just cheered myself up all over again!
I'm going to take MishMish for a walk (by the by I'm dogsitting until next Sun)
And then I'm going to pretty much continue my lolling until Lola, Lauren and Mark show up.

To friends, family and rad bands!

Oh and my boxfresh new shoes

First new pair of trainers I've had since I was about, ooh, 17 18? Just Do It!

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