Thursday, April 9, 2015

Dear 19 year old Tessa

Dear 19 year old self,

I'm you in the future, writing to you from 2015.  In fact, from a couple of weeks before your 25th Birthday.  Just wanted to give you a couple of heads ups, it's all good don't worry!
If the time spiral lines up, you are currently in New York for the first time ever and have recently or are soon going to go to Brooklyn for the first time.  That's really cool and you're going to really like it.
Guess what?
You end up living there! I won't give you the details but just know that the first time you set foot on Brooklyn soil after stepping off the Williamsburg Bridge, you were setting off a chain of events that would culminate in you living in Brooklyn in a fantastic place.  Oh also you move to NYC...I suppose I should've started with that.  Don't freak out, it's really exciting but there's some stuff that has to happen in between to give you the push to get here.  So don't jump the gun and think it's going to be like a romcom because it isn't but it is going to be bloody brilliant.
Why did I decide to write to my past self and drop spoilers on her?
Well I stumbled across this

The blog that you, 19 year old self, are currently keeping.  Don't read it because it does contain spoilers. But I enjoyed reminiscing about a really life-changing trip and wanted to say thanks for writing that blog.  It's important to preserve memories because it reminds you why you made the choices you made at the time, so if you ever feel like you've made wrong ones you can check back and be like 'nope I was dead on' or 'it was right at the time but it's not anymore so I need to change it up'.  And, non-crucial spoiler, you keep on blogging which is a great mental exercise and it's fun.  It's great that you started that whole thing for me/you.

That's all, not going to go too deep in case I accidentally change the future or erase my own existence or in any other way Marty McFly you.

All the best and enjoy the next 6 years until we catch up to each other

24 almost 25 year old Tessa

(This is neither our dog nor our house so it doesn't give too much away)

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