Thursday, April 23, 2015

Birthday Best Bits

Highlights of my 25th Birthday (though be ain't over til I fall asleep on Sunday!)

- Eating sorbet in bed watching Jenna Marbles videos
- Birthday wishes from literally all over the World
- A happy Birthday from my favourite teacher EVER Mr Colin Forrest-Charde
- Dairy milk for brekkie courtesy of Dad
- Opening lovely presents and cards from home
- HUGE pancakes at the great and historical Tom's Restaurant near my house
- Recording a Birthday message for my grandparents on the Ipad sitting on a log in the park
- Err my outfit choice today - violently yellow socks with pink and red shoes I think so.
- The amazing afternoon meal I was meatballs in tomato sauce in a cup with gnocchi and parmesan bread...finally a way to satisfy my frequent cravings for Italian on the go
- My lovely cast mates singing me Happy Birthday and presenting me with a cupcake with a candle in it
- Performing Shakespeare on our joint b-day (nb the cast AND the audience sang Happy Birthday afterwards)
- Talking to all my spectacular friends and hearing from my lovely family members
- Making new friends
- Hanging with my Dad
- Living where I live
- Being who I am

Not too shabby. Although I'm sure I'll be  very shabby by the end of the birthday weekend. Not every day you turn 25 you know!

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