Saturday, March 21, 2015

The pains of being pure at heart

I'm not pure at heart
But I am guilty of trying to be responsible for too much and feeling bad when I can't manage it
Which leads me to being angry about a lot of stuff, angry or defensive or offended or preachy
Because lots of people have no social conscience so I'm like
Ok someone has to have one for that...and that...and that and that
And it's really exhausting trying to be a conscience and an advocate
So I'm listening to a female rapper Angel Haze and I'm thinking some of these lyrics are massively non-PC or offensive
And if my friends who are used to me taking a moral stance against every other thing knew I was listening and enjoying they'd be like 'Tessa you giant hypocrite' and they'd be right
I need a break sometimes, if I am always going to defend the progressive the radical and the enlightened ways of thinking I will burn out so one of you can go do it for a day while I enjoy some dirty beats and po-lyrical incorrectness. I'm still recycling and refusing to buy bottled water, k?

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