Sunday, March 29, 2015

Succeed or suck eggs

Success is what people come to New York searching for.
Success means being a star, making it, being on Broadway/TV, having a runway  show in Fashion Week, publishing articles for New York Magazine, becoming CEO, having a penthouse apartment on the Upper East Side...everyone has their own definition of success and also their own terms.
I'm not a star. Hell I'm not even Equity (actor union). It occurred to me however that even so, I think I've succeeded. Because while many of my peers arrived in New York and at AMDA with starry eyes and dreams of leading role offers pouring in as soon as we graduated (I know this because they used to tell me about it) I arrived pretty down to Earth, excited just to be there and understanding how much work it takes and how much luck is also involved. So I defined success for myself early on as
- Being as independent as possible
- Standing on my own two feet
- Taking care of myself
- Having a good quality of life
- Being busy
- Being happy
- Making a second home in New York City, the place I dreamed about ever since I read the Babysitters Club special edition where they go to New York City. When I was approximately 10.

And I have all that. I've succeeded. I've also learned a crazy amount.
Some people would look at me and think the opposite - she's not Equity, she hasn't done a tour, she doesn't have an agent.

That's why it's so important to make your own terms for success. It can go both ways - I know people who's acting careers are really gaining momemtum. But their parents have paid their rent for the past four years. Which to me is the opposite of success. But I know for them other stuff is success and that's great.

I'm just going to take a moment to enjoy my own success.

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