Sunday, March 1, 2015

Please photograph responsibly

Here is a photographer who decided to show us that 'beauty really is everywhere'

I had a much longer post about this but it's not is so glaringly apparent what is wrong with this woman's thought process that I don't even have the strength to rant.

Well maybe a smidge...I can only assume that this woman is so lacking in self-awareness and also awareness and understanding of something that affects her, her female friends, daughters if she has/ever has them, that she doesn't even realise how she is helping to perpetuate damaging beauty ideals.
If instead of saying

“We shouldn’t lose our cultures, traditions, and origins because these make us different and beautiful.”

She had said 'I decided to find women in different countries who closely conform to current Western ideals of female beauty - thin, large eyes and dainty features, cheekbones and lustrous hair - and photograph them in national dress or their native environment' 
this whole thing wouldn't be such a shambles.

Because she is presenting her project as if it is in some way revolutionary or making a statement, I pretty much want to punch her in the face.  You fucked up, Ms Noroc.  You fucked up baaaaad.

I think she set out with this misguided intention - the thoughts were kind of nice but the execution demonstrates, to my mind, that she has not actually considered the real meaning of beauty around the World, and how to many cultures the model types that she seems to be solely interested in would be shocking, mostly based on how thin they are.
Not to mention that with some exceptions, many of these undoubtedly lovely women have been made up for the photo.  Which further detracts from the whole 'diversity' bonanza since makeup when skillfully employed can make people be more the same - you can all have these eyelashes, you can all have this skin.

“I can say that every day of traveling confirms to me that beauty really is everywhere,” she said.

What she meant to say was 'every day of travelling confirms to me that one very specific notion of female beauty can definitely be found in lots of countries'

And if anyone wants to make the argument that she photographed women who she found beautiful and it's not her job to show that beauty includes different ages, heights, faces, sizes etc etc etc...



This woman is essentially as bad as the fashion world for ignoring true diversity, squashing what is beautiful into a tiny tiny box and yet promoting herself as a pioneer of diversity.

Once upon a time Elizabethans thought it was smokin' hot for a woman to be chalky white, have no eyebrows, an unnaturally high forehead achieved by plucking the hairline to push it further back and have a silhouette that included unfeasibly large hips.  That was the notion.  Ridiculous, right?
Thankfully at some point they realised it was ridiculous and moved on from that nonsense and it's time to do the same and move on from this nonsense too.

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