Friday, March 6, 2015

No title just rage

Just really need a quick rant
If I'm supposed to be doing a job for which I am paid I want to be allowed to do it
If other people's presence is preventing me from doing that job honestly I'm really fucking pissed off about that
In this case I'm supposed to be caring for a toddler
There are two people in the house who are supposed to have left an hour ago: that is the written schedule that is pinned to the wall. Because they are still here my charge wants to stay with them 'helping' with their tasks. They also take over all aspects of his care - when I start making him something to eat, they do it. Likewise playing, changing etc. Leaving me completely redundant. I do not like this. I do not like this assumption that I am incapable of performing my job effectively. This is also my main time to spend with this child as usually there are two more running around as well. I am being deprived of that privilege - it seems these people don't consider that I normally am caring for three children and a dog so one child is a breeze.
I do not like that they are here after their designated time. If they really want to stay an extra hour then I could have gone home and finished packing or something. Sadly that is not my call. I am scheduled to be here now so here I am. They are not and yet here they are.
It makes me incredibly angry. I am fuming right now and will until they finally leave, far later than they're meant to.
Rant over.

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