Thursday, March 26, 2015

More effusive Crown Heights love

Another thing I came up with!
 My mind has decompressed.  The brain buzz that normally keeps in a highly strung, wired, ready to snap state has gone...somewhat silent.  Maybe the lack of outdoor noise has made the indoor noise feel uncomfortable about it's intrusiveness, so it has made a swift exit.
Like, I just got home today.  I worked from 11-5.30 then I had a callback for a play from 7-8.  So a fairly full day following a series of other days ranging in fullness from extreme to somewhat.  Normally I'd get home and feel a pressing need to do a bunch more stuff.
Now the two things I actually am supposed to be doing - earning money to live, and participating in theatre - I did today.  Check check.
I don't really need to cook, I have food I can eat right away.  I don't need to clean.  My room is in great shape.  I could fold a few clothes that are over my chair, or do some press ups - but neither of those are like, essentials, and I don't feel like I will be shooting myself in the foot if I don't do them.
So...I'm watching a film! Like, only watching a film
Well and doing this.
It feels good to be ok with the amount of stuff I did today.  And not be like I DIDN'T DO ENOOOOUUUUGH
This ties in with my lifelong misconception of efficiency, I think.  Which I thought about as I was arriving home, as I tried to gather all my bags and the package that arrived for me and my boots and my coat at the same time and unlock the door without putting them down and enter the apartment.  Would it have been easier and quicker to put everything down, unlock the door with free limbs and then do everything else unencumbered? Or is it quicker to try and haul everything at the same time?  I've always been one of those people who hates making multiple trips to carry things so I bundle it all up together and balance and pray.  Often this backfires.  So perhaps that's a lesson I can, or inadvertently have, applied to life.

In other news, huge fire and building collapse on the Lower East Side has sent everyone reeling.  I think it's no casualties but many injured, some critically so.  Second Avenue is closed from 14th to Houston, and a bunch of businesses and residences damaged and destroyed.  I heard that Pomme Frites, one of my FAVOURITE places to get food, is gone.  Incredibly popular, tiny and frickin' delicious place serving Belgian-style fries i.e. huge, in paper cones and with a multitude of delicious dipping sauce options like mango chutney mayonnaise and parmesan peppercorn.  I really hope they can get back on their feet because they were an awesome, independent, thriving and well-loved business.  And that everyone else affected by this disaster will be able to get back to life as soon as possible.  There was a huge fire all afternoon.

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