Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Mama, if that's movin up then I'm...

Movin out!
That's right once again Billy Joel has a song for my life situation...kind of...

I'm in the midst of a looong and arduous week of packing, offloading clothes and other excess stuff, folding, wrapping, stacking...the works. It's tough! It wasn't this hard before but I also think when I moved out of the Strat a) I had less stuff and b) I took a lot of shortcuts.
This time I'm doing it as properly as I can whole still making use of resources I already have so I don't need to waste a bunch of cardboard boxes.  So far it's all fitting nicely into what I had and my hunt for more boxes has proved unnecessary.
The biggest thing is the clothing clearout...oh my GADS do I have too many clothes. What can I say, I can't resist 100% silk for $20, or Banana Republic or Michael Kors for $12 or vintage heavy wool for $15. It's all just so beautiful it's my biggest weakness.
I'm trying to find good homes for all the items that are beautiful but never worn or not worn often enough. I've been brutal and very strict with myself. But if I can't find people to take them who will appreciate them...well honestly I'll just keep them until I do, this stuff is way too nice to end up being ignored in the ginormous bins used by the Goodwill and other charity shops here. I will donate clothes for free but I want them to be appreciated.
As for the rest it's been straightforward. Books and binders of sheet music and plays are probably going to be the heaviest things anyone deals with. Two boxes of misc. stuff including bank statements and other paperwork, stationery, ornaments and general bits and bobs. One small and one medium box of craft supplies. 1.5 bags of shoes including dance shoes. Taking minimal furniture - small armchair, small silver chair, cabinet, set of two drawers, table lamp, small rug. Ordering a new bed from Ikea.
Have a team of volunteers to help load, unload and drive on Sunday. And I already bought their pizzas, they are in the freezer:D  Food = love and currency.
I have a fun moving story to tell (that's a fun story about moving, not a fun story that will move you deeply) but I'm so dog tired because of that moving story that I will save it for another time. For now here's how things were looking at 9.30pm and 12.15am respectively.

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