Tuesday, March 24, 2015

How Tessa got her Groove back

I'm sitting on my rag rug in the 'living space' area of my room...yes my room has sections.
In the space in front of the three windows I have a rag rug, a silver chair and some knick knacks.  I could also use it as a decent sized exercise space if I wanted to.  It was pointed out to me that my room is bigger than most coffee shops in Prospect Heights.  I could honestly gush about my place all day long.  Someone also said 'oh but you don't have an actual living room space like with a couch do you?' to which I replied 'yes we do it was just so far away that you can't see it in the dark'...because it's that big.  AND a friend who is moving said 'you're going to hate us, it's an artists' loft it's amazing' to which I replied 'does it have a washer/dryer' and he said no...and my place does! So this apartment is literally unbeatable.
See? Gush gush gush
OH one more thing...I may have on of the darkest and quietest rooms in NYC.  Behind this place is some kind of large warehouse and turns out, a room facing a biiig brick building is a good noise blocker.  It's unbelievable.
And this is a few minutes' walk.  I mean you can't not feel good about that.  It's the Brooklyn Museum.

I went out on Sunday night to the Bowery Electric to see a band called The Fine Machines.  The lead singer just happens to be my roommate Dan.  They are really great and his voice is FANTASTIC.  Other roommate David was also in attendance on band photographer duty, as were a bunch of band friends including Dan's girlfriend Kirsten who I have previously met and who I really really like.  Yay for making new friends past the age of 21!
It was great to be out, great to be in the East Village one of my favourite zones, great to be seeing an awesome band and great to finally do some roomie bonding over beer, music chat, an endless stream of jokes and eventually fried foods.  I felt very much at home.  That's saying something quite big, because often in crowds of relative strangers I feel extreeemely uncomfortable and won't volunteer much personality.  On Sunday I happily engaged in conversation with others in the group who were not Dan, David or Kirsten.  I also made my own jokes and volunteered information about myself.  Y'know.  I generally 'hung out' in a normal, social way.  But I felt completely at home and vibed off the whole thing.  The last time I felt quite so comfortable with a new crowd in a completely genuine, unguarded way, honestly, was when I moved into Loftstel and met those people for the first time.  Something about knowing you're amongst kindred spirits.  I had lengthy conversations about what the best genre of music is to see live, working for a Jewish family' on the UWS with a fellow babysitter, how to torture the early morning customers who annoy David who manages a coffee shop, obscure cartoons, more music.  It replenished me.  Like a newly watered plant.
In short I didn't just find a new place to live, I found a new home.

And that is how I got my groove back!
Dan on vox, Nate (who lives downstairs!) on banjo.  Yeah banjo.
Bowery Electric upstairs room.
I also began listening to podcasts from KEXP, a radio station based in Seattle.  These DJs, they just GET ME!
I've listened to this song non-stop since it was brought to me by Don Slack.

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