Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Hold up wait a minute

Yesterday, rapper Kendrick Lamar dropped a new album titled 'To Pimp a Butterfly', a surprise week early.
A number of friends and acquaintances, the kind who's Facebook activity I do pay attention to, promptly listened and encouraged nay DEMANDED that the world follow suit.

This makes me feel a lot of things which I will now attempt to process

1) I am not a particular fan of Mr Lamar though am in no doubt as to the legitimacy of his esteemed place in the upper echelons of today's music scene
2) I had no idea that a new album was in the offing
3) Some of the people spurring the Facebook world to listen are friends who's musical taste I have deep respect for and with whom I have frequently engaged in artist/song discovery exchanges
4) Point #3 makes me want to listen to 'To Pimp a Butterfly'
5) Points #1 and #2 are in direct conflict with point #4 - without the recommendation by the people, it would never have occurred to me to listen to a Kendrick Lamar album under any steam other than my own
6) I really want to listen because I could then enjoy meaningful musical discussions with aforementioned music sharing peers, an activity I could happily do pretty much 24/7
7) I really don't want to listen because I'm currently in the middle of a late 90 trip hop binge - today, all I have listened to is the song Don't Leave by Faithless. Just the one song on repeat. I can't stop listening. Absolutely nothing could irritate me more on this day than being made to interrupt my listening streak.
8) I'm really cross that I feel pressured to listen to something
9) I'm cross with myself for allowing myself to feel pressured by other people it's just that I really like being able to answer 'yes!' when asked if I've heard so and so, then we can talk about it...I don't know, Kendrick lovers, have you heard Total Loss by How To Dress Well? Can someone listen to it so I can talk about it with them thanks
10) Does point #9 mean I can only take interest in conversations with a majority of humans if they pertain to music? Because now I think about it that might be true...ohhhhh
11) I would like to publicly announce that while I am interested in Kendrick Lamar's new album because my music sharing friends rarely steer me wrong, I would also love if they could stop posting and it could stop 'trending' because I'll listen to it when I'm good and ready but right now I am listening obsessively to Faithless and planned on later listening to Massive Attack, Blind Melon, Modest Mouse and Neutral Milk Hotel because they are all on my current list Kendrick Lamar is NOT
But in the future could be

Maybe if all musical discussion just stopped completely until I'm done...that would be great

Or if I could take the personal initiative to decide not to be bothered, carry on as I was and I'll get to Kendrick Lamar when my inner musical compass points that way...that could also work really well.

I'm going to keep listening to Faithless.
The forces of #trending have sent me into such a state of defiance that I may never hear this damn Kendrick Lamar album even if it means missing out on some great music. Thanks Internet and it's population
Stop talking about things it makes me want to stubbornly resist them as a matter of principle.

ARRRGH to be contrary.
It's hard but someone's got to do it.

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