Sunday, March 22, 2015

Do the Hustle

I may have bitten off more than I can chew

In the past fortnight I've leapt from 2 jobs to 5.

Which would be perfectly manageable if they weren't all at around the same time.


The plan is: book a new theatre job

As crazy as it sounds will actually take off some of the pressure. All these employers come with the understanding that theatre comes first. So doing that one theatre thing would mean I'd be able to dial back all the other stuff. Hmm.

I've been this hectic before though.  When I was at the Thomas Lord and at The George and teaching for Vanessa and teaching for Boppin and working for Guarro/Doris prods plus odd babysits, I did ok. And the tea room. And the agri office. I'm also aware nothing need be permanent. If I'm dying after 2 weeks I will regard that as a sign to ease off.

But in the meantime I will babysit, serve drinks at Stage 72, serve food and tea at Tea and Sympathy, general assist at All Systems Go physio and personal assist writer Lila Azam Zanganeh (who was a teaching fellow at Harvard for French, Literature and Cinema at the age of 22...intimidated, moi?)
I'm kind of excited...excited and scared.

That was a reference: it was Stephen Sondheim's birthday yesterday and 'excited and scared' is one of the most quoted lines from his most celebrated work Into The Woods.
This is the first and last time I ever quote that show on this blog though.

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