Sunday, February 15, 2015

Every day is the 14th

Happy Saturday to me.
I acknowledge and thank my friends and fam who have expressed their love today, if I must have a Valentine I'm happy for it to be one the gals.
But also I don't love them any less any other day of the year and the fact that people still go along with the whole charade of there being a corporate holiday purely to prey on people's insecurities boggles the mind. Events that are advertised as great places to meet someone ('Alone on Valentine's Day? Misc. Venue in Brooklyn anti-Valentine party', 'Get Lucky Night - noone goes home alone', things like that) are frankly insulting.  I don't like being told that because I'm alone I must be waiting for V-day to come around every year so I can go hunting for men....I don't like being told that I anything so, it stands to reason. It's as bad as telling people and women in particular that they need to lose weight for anything but health reasons, or that they have to shave their legs to be worthy of their gender.

...yes, typical and I hope by now expected rant over.
Well there's probably more where that came from, but for now.

So here's what I did today:
Sleep in
Walk MishMish
Hop on the subway to Gratton St, Bushwick BK to visit the monthly vegan market, mostly to get a Yeah Dawg hot dog, the most crazy delicious hot dog that is all vegan and so good that even hardened meat-eaters would enjoy the taste. And I mean I can make that judgement I think because until not very long ago I was a HARDENED meat-eater and still am when occasion calls.  So I got my Yeah Dawg and also a doughnut and a samosa for later (I brought Tupperware with me.)
It's snowing today quite a bit and I'm in Bushwick, in an area that's all 1-storey warehouse and garage-type spaces, an old industrial area. This means there are lots of big square walls that have been copiously covered in graffiti and murals.  The loud colours against the falling snow, white-out sky and snow covered ground compelled me to take a bunch of pictures

Cool nuh?

And now I'm sitting in a coffee shop surrounded by the epitome of Brooklyn cool, that is to say chalkboards, reclaimed wood furniture and mismatched chairs, those light bulbs with the really visible oversized filaments, exposed brick walls, a noticeboard full of ads for bands and yoga, people my age on Macs with either much longer or much shorter than average hair and a myriad of cute but ironic prints and knitwear...honestly no place does this vibe like Brooklyn.  I dunno. Maybe Copenhagen or something.
And I can't help but feel that I really want to live here! I did a few things in the last couple of years that I've fought against with myself for a while: joined the gym, smartphone, errr mostly stopped eating meat and dairy.  I've fought against being swallowed up in the hipster tide - I'm self-aware enough to know that it would be so easy for me to just slide right in but I am trying not to be the big cliche that I naturally am.  But...but...they have such nice coffee shops and furnishings and vintage knick knacks and music and yes, great knitwear...I want the knitwear!
Bah. Personal integrity....who'd have it?

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