Saturday, January 10, 2015

Up on the roof

During my headshot shoot I did some tap pictures on the roof of Shirin's building.  In December.  In denim shorts and a crop top.

It had a really good sound up their too the floor of the roof was super live considering it was outside.

Anyway a couple of these would make cool dance shots which are sometimes requested.  Dance shots are usually of people doing impossible things with their legs, or fantastic big leaps, or an acrobatic trick.
But I don't do those things.  I tap.

Shirin is a very very good photographer technically as well as artistically so full credit to her for figuring out how to take cool and dynamic pictures of a person tap dancing.  Some of these are just to show her skills.  It should also be pointed out that she doesn't photoshop.  It's hard to believe but honestly, she is so skilled and knowledgeable about lighting that she does all her photo magic using that.  These are real shots.  She's also an excellent makeup artist, the day of my shoot I had a ginormous spot right in the middle of my face and she hid it completely.


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