Sunday, January 18, 2015

Struck down

...AGAIN, by more germs.  I'm right back to where I began 2015 that is surrounded by tissues, vitamin C, cough drops, Lemsip Max...and feeling sorry for myself.  Ugh! Just when I'd shaken off the last bout of sickness a new one reared it's ugly head and took me out.  I never even stood a chance.  Very cross about this, I feel quite useless but must carry on regardless.  Am trying really hard to not spread it around.

In spite of my failing health I have worked a lot this week (the kids are the ones who gave it to me) and also tapped a lot in preparation for two upcoming performances, one low-key and one full on, the same piece for both.
On Monday (which feels like it was way longer than a week ago) I was in a reading of Gary the Invincible Boy as middle school aspiring journalist Dottie.  Kid's musicals are fun.
Aaand I also met up with Sam to chat about a couple of things...I'm saying nothing now but one piece of news he gave me I'm super excited about (because it is his news but it involves me...ha!) essentially it is a really cool chance to do something I wouldn't otherwise be able to do.

Ms Downie finally, FINALLY returned to me from Scotland where she's been for a month! Far too long a separation.  We had a nice cosy catch up with tea and Galaxy Caramel.

And then last night (after a very long work day, phew) myself and Jacob hosted a birthday party for Charles in our place.  I haven't seen Charles since Lauren's birthday last August because he's been on tour in a show.  So a reminder: Charles is from Hong Kong, he used to live downstairs, he has been my dance partner on multiple occasions AND was my husband for almost a whole term in acting class. And he's an all-round stellar person.  We had an intimate gathering of friends minus a few faces, though we did see Sena (my ex-roommate) for the first time since she moved out.  We ate pizza, cake, pie and crisps, had a 'champagne' (ok, sparkling wine) toast and played Cards Against Humanity, the most politically incorrect game ever invented.

I just returned from tap rehearsal and am hiding out in my room with all my 'sick' gear.  It is very very rainy outside, a fact which I'm welcoming with open arms, it's very refreshing and I really could do with the moisture in the air to help kick the chronic cough I've also developed! Feeling very cosy and snug indoors with my favourite 100% wool tie dye socks that Grandma gave me.

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