Monday, January 26, 2015

'Sno matter

This is what things looked like earlier today:

 I made a rush to Trader Joe's, there was a big old line.

View from the 125th Street above ground subway stop.

Upper West Side.

So yeah...pretty dramatic stuff earlier today.  It was snowing lightly from about 8.30 and was pretty heavy by 10ish, it got heavier and then laid off again sometime earlier this evening.  I was just outside coming back from the gym and it's snowing a tiny bit and most of earlier's fall has melted into slush by now.  And yet the reports of doom from the news channels and Metropolitan Transit Authority alerts are pretty clear: it's going to hit and it's going to hit hard.  oooh! update
My phone just buzzed with an alert (I have a weather app thingy)

Well gosh darn it all! I am glad I went shopping because I'm cosy inside with my baked sweet potatoes and my emergency snowstorm supply of ice cream.  Mmmmhmm.  With pumpkin caramel sauce that I just made nomnom.

Ok now here's what happened today.  I went to an audition (yay me) and err learned some stuff.

It was for RWS, a company that casts for theme parks, a couple of cruise lines, stuff like that.  It was a singer audition and they're looking for pop/rock voices so there I was ready to demonstrate my pop/rock voice.  I got there around 9 and had a long morning's wait because t was a very busy day at Pearl Studios where the audition was held.  So I wait and wait, hung out with my friend Didi, caught up my friend Vishal from Supersoldier, bumped into lovely Abbey and lovely Emily who I haven't seen for ages.  It was a pretty sociable wait.  Finally my group was called so we line up with our music books ready and our 8-bar cuts marked.  That's right, 8 bar cut.  That's not much singing, it's really hard to choose an 8 bar.  So we're outside the room, the girl before me finishes up and in I go.  I felt perfectly confident about the song, it's something I can knock out in any situation, suits my voice and style, etc etc.  Sadly I managed to mess up everything else that you can mess up, short of falling over or hitting the accompanist with my binder.  
1) I had my hair in a messy bun before I went in.  It's a trick I use sometimes to get my very straight hair to have a little life and movement - keep it in a messy bun then right before you want it to look fab you take the bun down and swoosh it around a bit, voila.  The thing is you have to remember to take it down and guess who didn't.  I realised after I'd walked confidently into the room, greeted the panel and given my music to the pianist that it was still in a messy bun and I must look like a mad person or a person who just woke up or a troll doll.  I briefly debated taking it down before I began singing but chose to just brazen it out.  So there's that.

2) They asked everyone to 'slate' into a camera - this is I think purely for their purposes, it's like the clappers on a film shoot where they say 'marker, seen 4 take 3', so when they look through all their takes they know what they're looking at.  Same deal, if we say our names first, when they watch the videos back they know who's who without having to sift through and match headshots.
Oh my goodness...they said, very rapidly 'first and last name into the camera please' so I said 'Tessa FaireWAIT did you say first and last name or just first...oh nooo....shall I do it again?' They were very kind, instead of telling me to g and lie down in a darkened room they said yes let's do it again and I managed the great feat of speaking my first and last names out loud without incident.  Oy va voy.

3) Sang the song, sounded good, blah blah blah thanks very much have a good day and out I go. 
 Instead of smoothly turning to give them one last shot of me as I opened the door and held it for the next girl in (as I have been taught and know perfectly well how to do) I just sort of skedaddled...and closed the door behind me so the poor girl going next, who had been expecting it to be open, had to scrabble with the handle for a moment.  Sorry, girl who was after me.

Soooooo....not my best, all things considered! The good I'm taking from it is that I got up early, I did the thing, I showed up, I went through the process even though I dislike it immensely.  And also that I sang and pulled it off, despite still having this irritating cough and a bunged up noise and consequently a quite raspy voice.
The lesson is that it has been too long since I did this.  Auditions are so much about 'technique', not just singing or dancing technique but actual audition technique.  How you enter the room, how you exit the room, how you communicate with the people in the room, how you make your time worth every many details.  It's not about putting on a big show of false confidence and cheeriness.  The key is being so very at ease and comfortable and free of tension that all those details just go smoothly by themselves.  And how do you become at ease and comfortable and tension free at auditions which are often such a weird and unnatural process? Practice, repetition and experience.  Like I said, it's been too long.  
Strangely, as much as I don't like going to open calls, I found I had kind of missed auditionland.  There's a satisfaction in knowing you are doing something productive towards what you want, even if it feels like a lot of waiting around.

With this lesson lodged in place, I'm prepped for auditions on Wednesday, Saturday, next Monday ad infinitum...or until about mid-March anyway.

Back to snow: many thanks for concerns expressed.  It's nice to be thought of.  Please don't worry.  I live in a building made of concrete, our radiators and hot water are working fine and I have lots of food.  Nothing bad is actually going to happen except that the city's workaholics are going to have to chill tomorrow, because it seems like everything is closing.
Snow plough just went past.  Going to snuggle in now and enjoy a forced evening of nothing much.

Peace and snowflakesxxxxxx

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