Tuesday, January 27, 2015


I took a short walk through Central Park this evening. I went when it was dark but the place was full of dog walkers, kids sledging, joggers, all manner of frolickers.
In the dark CP is a wonderful magical place, even more so with a full coating of snow. There are lamps lining the pathways that are the old-fashioned black iron kind - very much like the kind that Lucy found when she stumbled through the back of the wardrobe.  Hence the title of this post.
It's also worth mentioning that it's approximately (I'd have to check for exact dates) FIVE YEARS since my first time ever seeing Central Park. Five years! Which means I've been in a five-year relationship with NYC.  Nowadays it feels like there has never been a time that I didn't know and love this place but while I was in the park realising the five year thing, it also struck me that
Just a little over five years ago, New York City, Central Park, Empire State Building, Fifth Avenue, 42nd St, yellow taxi, subway, Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge...just over five years ago all these things were only words, things that existed only in songs, films, TV shows, things I'd dreamt about and imagined myself seeing but never really considering them as, y'know, actual things.
Then they suddenly all became completely real and visible and tangible.
Five years ago actual dreams became realities, is essentially what happened.
No big deal.
This place definitely has some stuff in common with Narnia.

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