Thursday, January 22, 2015

Movin on up

Ok I'm still using the post below to use as a headshot choice board for my wise pals and advisors but I'm tired of looking at it as the first page you see on my blog so.  Here I am to move it down a slot.

This blog is brought to you partly by Jacob Paul Matheny

He just made a crazy big speech, it was inspiring

'We crawled out of this fuckin earth actually no no no...word vomit...*mutes Dance Moms that we were watching*' the beginning was not so inspiring

But eventually we got to here

'We crawled out of the earth an we got to the moon
We threw a stick at a wall and that started a fire
That fire is still burning because we as a people continue to evolve'

Also this which I enjoyed

'We created the aeroplane
We created the dollar bill
We created the hot dog'

Also this is happening, February 7th and 8th, going to be slicing up the floor with Katie, Miller and Ben (Miller and Ben are tap shoes)
It should be a great time, I'm excited. 

The terrible trash TV I'm watching is killing any inspiration I may have had in me to write a decent post...I'm judging myself harshly for it.

Well here's a kid quote from an 8 year old:
'I would like to go to Antarctica one day...if it's still there'

He's a deep kid.

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