Tuesday, January 6, 2015

I write this sitting in the living room armchair...

Not the kitchen sink.  I'm plagued with a horrible cold that is going on and on and ooon...it began as something much more vicious and has downgraded which is something but it would be even nicer if it just, you know, went away.

More excitingly, I write this on my brand new LAPTOP! Yeah that's right it's finally happened.  It arrived about an hour ago and I've got it all set up and stuff...of course I'm too drowsy and sickly to really enjoy it yet.  In fact I'm going to go right back to sleep...I woke up two hours ago.  So you will surmise that today all I have done is wake up...receive a laptop...write this...aaand going back to sleep.  Also, it's snowing! Like really really!

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