Tuesday, January 20, 2015

I love this place! *NB this is from Tuesday

Tapped in a workshop performance tonight called Choreography Lab.  Saw so many people I knew - the tap world is a densely interwoven one, including a previous dance partner (one of the best) Blake and like 3 different people who have directed or choreographed me plus a few others.  Best of all, as I was waiting in the lobby to go into the studio, who should casually stroll in but.....SAVION GLOVER! Errrr so I'm waiting to go perform a tap dance for a room full of tap dancers, and THE GREATEST LIVING TAP DANCER is right down the hall rehearsing a show! Whaaaaat

I wasn't sure it was him at first but the guy on reception saw me staring very hard at the spot where he'd just been and confirmed my suspicions.  Amazing.  In this city you can just be sitting there minding your own business in any given rehearsal space and a hero can wander by like it's nothing.

AND after the workshop was finished and we were all milling around chatting he poked his head round the door.  I missed it but Blake made eye contact, lucky bastard.

I mean, we're old friends of course


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