Thursday, November 13, 2014

Lord of the Rings: Return of the Queen

First things first. Let me address what I got back to when I arrived in my apartment last Thursday around 9pm.
This. It's this. It's a Mr Blobby costume.
Happy Halloween................?
So since I've returned unto my humble abode and the life that comes with it, I have worked every day which is fabtastic, enjoyed margarita night with my pals, cleaned a bunch, gone for four runs, sent a lot of applications and submissions for auditions and jobs, lined up an audition for Monday, scheduled a charity concert for Sunday, ate pizza four times, grocery shopped, visited AMDA, switched my summer clothes for winter ones and got to know my new roommate Eric. Oh, AND started planning Thanksgiving - I kid you not, that was in the opening sentences of four people in a row when I reunited with friends. 'Now you're back, what are we doing for Thanksgiving?' Worry not friends I'm back and I brought my control freak hat.
I mean my party planning hat.
I have a lot of beautiful England photos I want to post but I'll save it for when I can use a computer, it's hard to do n a phone.
But I thought of this really great idea to help me celebrate both the two months I has at home and coming back to NYC.
HA vs NY
  • Not being bombarded with advertising at every turn
  • Free art on the street
  • Peace and quiet
  • Noise and atmosphere
  • Green, trees, sky, hills and the horizon
  • Icons, architecture, lights, fashion, views
  • Having a cup of tea by the Rayburn
  • Having a cup of coffee by the window
  • Real ale in the pub with old friends
  • Cocktails in the bar with new friends
  • Going for a walk across fields
  • Going for a run along the river
  • Welles
  • Doc Martens
  • The freedom and solitude of driving a car
  • The convenience and fascinations of the subway
  • Local or homegrown food
  • Food from absolutely anywhere in the world
There are many more but that's a good start: reasons I love both the home that made me and the home that I made.

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