Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Yum yum yum, cinnamon bun

Did some baking, brunch for the week.

The weather has taken a turn for the English...the rain is here.  It has been beautiful outside but as often happens in this country, it turned really chilly almost overnight and lots of rain has been coming and going.  

Also, more driving (much more successful this time...thank you SatNav!) to visit my aunt uncle and cousin in Somerset (west of me).  I like this drive, it's straightforward and pretty scenic, in particular...
What's that on the horizon? My it looks like an arrangement of large standing stones


Disclaimer: Because there is only one little entrance along this main road for people to park their cars and get to Stonehenge, this section of the road is always a traffic jam so I was taking pictures out of my car window whilst sitting in completely stationary traffic.  With my handbrake on.
And on the way back, same situation, lots of sitting still in a car for a really long time.
 Yay scenic English drives.
In the rain. selfie.  Because my hair just looked really good, ok! And because I was bored of sitting still in traffic for so very long.
That is some good hair.

I am all cosy and toasty by the rayburn in the kitchen.  If you don't know what a rayburn is...frankly I am not Google, alright?

I've been watching inordinate amounts of BTVS, although it's not inordinate for me actually because watch Buffy is pretty much all I do anyway.  And when I'm not watching it I'm talking about it.  Or thinking about it.  Or looking up stuff about it.  Or doing trivia quizzes.  Or planning Buffy-themed costumes...yeeeah.  I'm a fangirl.  I sense a BTVS blog post coming on.

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