Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Skin Deep

A couple of things I've wanted to say for, well, years

This picture doesn't even do it justice because the lighting is kind of yellow which is a colour that neutralises dark shadows under eyes...but I have very pronounced dark shadows under my eyes.  Big ones.  Very dark ones.  Just the way it is - I drink plenty of water.  I eat my fruit and vegetables, I try to get enough sleep - sure sometimes I fail but certainly in present circumstances I'm getting plenty. And these things are going nowhere, they've been hanging around under my eyes for many years and as far as I know they are not going anywhere.  It's cool, I've made my peace with the fact that it is not the greatest aesthetic quality.
What I have a problem with is people thinking it's alright to comment on my looking tired or sick.  'Someone had a late night!' 'You don't look very well'
Yes, I know.  I know what it looks like.  I'm neither tired nor sick.
I'm going to assume that the people who make these comments don't also go up to overweight people and say with a knowing smile or a pitying look 'someone has been eating too many cakes!' or 'you look like you don't get any exercise'.
Or go up to people with no hair and go 'you look like you've been ill' or 'looks like someone didn't take their hair supplements!'
Or essentially approach anyone who has a physical trait that COULD be a sign of poor personal care et al but COULD EQUALLY be genetic, could be temporary, could be the result of something completely unrelated, is not under that person's control.
But hey, next time someone decides to take it upon themselves to remark on my natural state of being/looking, maybe I'll make them feel awkward as shit by saying 'Yes don't I look hideous! I also have major problem skin and severe dermatitis - it's kind of like mad eczema - on my hands! Want to talk about those too? Got some remedies for me? Please, save me from myself!'



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