Sunday, October 12, 2014


Q. What does a Tessa do when it has too much time on it's hands?

A. Learns to do mostly braid-based hairstyles, that's what

Upside down Dutch braid with a bun on top

Four angles of the same hair - not sure what to call it, it's a ponytail split in half and French plaited into shape....

Piece de resistance, Celtic knot - or rather, one Celtic knot either side.  This took SO LONG to master.

But so pretty!

Dutch waterfall braid - do you know how hard it is to take pictures of the very back of your head? Super duper tricky.

You may also notice in these pictures my hair looks really dark
Well I haven't washed for like a week so that is why that is. This one would probably look more waterfally if my hair was cleaner.

And then I just tied knots to see what would happen.

And now it is far too late for me to be doing anything let alone pretending to be that girl from Game of Thrones/Bo Derek.

So incredibly well-styled goodnight.


The next evening...

I've got the hang of the Celtic knot enough to be able to do it at the back, and am doing it at a reasonable enough time for my mum to be up and therefore able to take pictures for me!

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