Thursday, September 18, 2014

More from the Motherland

First things first: I have a pretty one-track mind which means...FOOD

I'm eating everything in sight which means - sourdough bread and cheese and every single vegetable from the garden, tomatoes cucumber lettuce carrots courgettes plus raspberries from the garden and blackberries from the hedgerows and chicken and homemade chutney and homemade jam and homepickled beets and homemade sweetcorn relish and potatoes OH MY
Yep I'm eating meat and dairy - it's all so good and I know where it came from.  The end.  The best part is - hmm I need cucumber for this sandwich.  *grabs knife* *strolls out to garden* *cuts cucumber from vine* NOMNOMNOM
Going for a walk, feeling peckish? Oh look, SNACKS *picks blackberries, scarfs them down*
Country life!

Aside from the vittles, there's the scenery.
These are the immediate surroundings - some of the garden, the farmyard and the field.

Main yard at the farm

Farmyard track

Back entrance to yard


Vegetable patch #1 of 2

Back garden, apple trees, woodpile, sheds

Baby roses in the flowerbed

Fallen tree across the road
Dad's car eye view
Oh yes.  That's right.
Then of course there's the company

These are not actually cows they are bullocks/steers.  I think.  :S Either way I love them they are ridiculous!

And here's a few of Alresford (you pronounce it Allssfud...yeah I know) the small and nearest town where I went to secondary school.  This is the High St which as you can see is very pretty.

I worked here for about a year and half when I was in sixth form college! It's where my dear friend Rachel met her now-husband and I was there for the first meeting, working alongside her.  Ahh memories!

Hopefully that gives you some idea of what my slice of England is like - there is more which I will be sharing in due course.  Luckily I persuaded my mum to let me use her car (at the cost of £76 for insuring myself on it) so am able to drive around, see friends etc.
Also for those interested - not a drop of rain so far.  Which is actually a bit problematic - people are trying to drill winter barley and other things having completed harvest so rain wouldn't go amiss.  It isn't a negative quality of English life, people - it is usually welcomed!

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