Saturday, September 6, 2014


HUUUGE post coming up. Here I go.

I went to see King Lear starring John Lithgow at the Delacorte Theatre, part of Shakespeare in the Park an annual series of free outdoor plays and musicals held during the summer in Central Park and run by the Public Theatre. It os entirely open air and we had a flash rainstorm right before curtain up, so over my very classy shift dress and Betsy Johnson espadrilles I wore this attractive and huge red poncho. I went with the marvellous Carlos Morales and we went all out, we had crackers, we had cookies, we had wine in cartoon themed water bottles (mine was Hello Kitty, ideal) we were fancy as all hell. The show was of course beautiful. It rained again just before the end of act I and continued to come down not heavily but steadily for the rest of the show. I felt terrible for the poor actors who were completely exposed on the stage, particularly the actor playing Poor Tom who is wearing only a loinclothy type thing for almost all of act II. And John Lithgow who of course in Lear's descent into madness loss his shoes, his cloak, his head coverage. But a film director couldn't have created a more beautiful and heartbreaking final scene in which Lear carried dead Cordelia out into the now pouring rain making anguished sounds. I shed tears. 

 I got new these groovy new trainers for the princely sum of... well I forgot actually but it was not more than $20. They are dead comfy. I also got some more hefty running shoes because my one faithful old pair of trainers finally got a hole after about 7 years.

I babysat a LOT and embarrassed the kids by wearing their hats and taking pictures like this in the games console place. We have gone to the park, to the football fields, to the board game cafe, to Barnes and Noble bookshop, to I have combined different families of different kids (up to seven at a time) we have eaten ice cream, I have watched both Guardians of the Galaxy and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I have also been to two comic book stores, and purchased my first comic book ever. It is a Buffy the Vampire Slayer comic book. The under-12 influence is strong.

Val Sam Tessa Lauren Maite Carlos Charles
A wee lass called Lauren has a Birthday! Which we celebrated at wonderful Madame Geneva, beats and free Jam cocktails (gin, lemon, a spoonful of jam) courtesy of DJ Devon.

..........................................STORM TROOPER!

I've seen a lot of Bleecker St because it's close to the board game cafe I take the kids to. Normally I see it in bright sunshine...

Because I partied with the mighty Meesh at WestWay on their gay night and later found out that ROBYN the singer who I LOVE was there the whole night next to the DJ. Bah! And I saw Broadway star Gideon Glick.

. Partytimehairandmakeupglamournailsringslipstick

PS none of this is in order...I partied with Michel the night before I took embarrassing hat pictures (that was a rough day) I also left out a big thing  did which was take my boys Itamar and Yahli and their best friends also brother Itamar and Amos to the Bronx Zoo! The Bronx Zoo is AWESOME it's really big and it has a monorail and a tiger and a lion and gorillas and ELEPHANTS and bears and rhinos and flamingos and red pandas and huuuge (horrifying) snakes. Obviously being a Harry Potter child I tried speaking Parseltongue to some snakes and then I noticed a sign that said
Which may be the scariest and most effective zoo sign I've ever seen. Bloody hell, Bronx Zoo! Anyway it was great

 A lazy Sunday in the Washington Square Park fountain

 Look who turned up in NYC!!! One of my all time favourite old pals, I had a blast spending a few hours with Ryan overstuffing ourselves with burgers and strolling in the drizzle and people watching and chatting chatting chatting/me chatting him making fun of everything I said. This guy is the greatest <3 but I'm never telling him that to his face.

  Ari and TehDah which is Ari for Tessa.

 Joris came back from his sojourn in The Netherlands! As snappily dressed as ever. A little more party...
 Who else?


If you're thinking 'that must be it, how can there possibly be more fun and joie de vivre?' HERE'S HOW

Last Sunday I went swing dancing with Lauren, Sam and Valorie. There was a live band, a dance instructor and it was a riot. I got to dance with the instructor and with another guy who was really good - cool thing about being a girl in a swing dance bar, you don't have to know what you're doing as long as your partner does! Although I'm the first to admit that I'm a terrible follower not really being used to partnering.

This weekend, I watched my first full episodes of Dr Who (terrifying, the main reason I haven't watched much before oh gosh now I'm thinking about Weeping Angels and won't get any sleep argh) I ate a LOT of Korean BBQ when I met up with my old AMDA classmate Chuck who has been in LA for two years. Korean BBQ is amazing, you get all the side dishes and kimchi and you have a burner in the middle of the table and they literally bring you a huge plate of raw meat and you cook it at the table. Like, a LOT of raw meat. It's pretty spectacular. And delicious. And you can put onions and kimchi on the burner too.
I also went to Bikram Yoga and suffered a lot but, glad I went thanks to Maite. I spent two delightful evenings just hanging with friends, once at Lauren's place with the requisite ice cream and the special occasion champagne to toast her boyfriend Mark's birthday. Once at Maite and Anel's place with Joris, awaiting the return of Anel from Mexico. I love my many homes away from home.
Today I was in a dance studio with Carlos for like five hours and we have a really fun project to work on. We worked for a while and then we salsa danced because he is great salsa dancer and is actually a salsa teacher so, lucky me I get private lessons. It's hard, not good at following applies here also!

That's not even all of it, honestly. And all that is just August. Today was 'Labor Day' which here marks the official end of summer and, confusingly, is a day on which people don't work. Like bank holiday. Except with a misleading name.

My world has been somewhat rocked of late and I wanted to do this huge post celebrating all the wonderful things I have been able to do and all the spectacular, incomparable people I have been able to do them with and even those I haven't been with who are present always in my life. I'm at a point of uncertainty. I'm looking into the chasm. I reckon when you don't know quite what you're looking ahead to you should certainly make the absolute most of what you know to be true at the moment and in my case that is that I'm healthy and happy in the greatest city with the greatest comrades. What's life for if not living???


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