Monday, September 22, 2014

Cleanin' out my closet

Oy vay.  I am digging through YEARS worth of stuff that has been in various boxes for a long time.
It's no secret that I'm kind of a magpie.  Only instead of hoarding shiny things I tend to hoard an eccentric mixture of shiny, flowery, stripy, sparkly things and sentimental keepsakes and bottle caps and tickets and notes and schoolbooks from when I was a kid and clothes and fabric scraps and much much more.
It is time to go through it all, decide what is really worth saving, and say goodbye to the rest.  Doing this is both difficult and liberating.  Choosing what I'm ready to let go of is sometimes tough: there are things I'm proud of and things I want to remember.  Luckily I have enough saved up that even getting rid of more than half still leaves me with plenty of keepsakes.  And chucking out a biiig box full of stuff feels great.
My favourite thing that I have found so far is a picture I did for English class.  The assignment was to draw a picture of Hell based on the description in Dante's Inferno.  I did a picture paying very little attention to the description because I chose to use this task to make fun of my English teacher, who was the best teacher I've ever had and a 100% awesome guy.

My very non-committal artists' impression of Hell, based on...well, based on not Dante's Inferno anyway because I didn't read it properly before doing the homework.

Except I drew the head demon guy to look like my teacher.  Teehee

And he noticed because I didn't get a grade for this.  Teeheeheeeee.

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