Saturday, September 6, 2014

All change

One of my new roommates arrived today. The other arrives on Monday. Yep, new roommates. If anyone's keeping track, I have lived with 12 different people since February 2013. Madness.

Summer is winding down. Kids have gone back to school, meaning shorter work days for me. Nobody told the weather though, it is oppressively hot and has been for the last four days, I'm anticipating a thunderstorm.

There's a ton of lists on websites like BuzzFeed called things like '24 biggest New York problems'. The same things come up on the lists all the time - the line at Trader Joe's, complaints about the Metropolitan Transit Authority, tourists, slow walkers. It's all pretty accurate and I like to read them to see if anyone came up with a new one, as myself and my friends frequently do. There's a lot of pride involved in living here and part of that means knowing inside and out everything that's great and everything that sucks and loving it all equally.
Inspired by the list-making frenzy that is sweeping the internet - I've always been a big fan of lists - here's my list of things that make me excellent at living in NYC.

  • I. Walk. Fast. Really fast. I have immense respect for anyone who can keep up with me at full pace, and when I meet other fast walkers they are always impressed that I keep up with them. Included in that walking fast are the skills of dodging and navigating intricate patterns of people scattered in the streets also at high speed, and of doing multiple other things whilst walking and dodging - eating a sandwich, changing your sweatshirt, texting your friends your dinner plans, putting on makeup, drinking coffee. All at the same time. In motion. I'm probably the best person I know at that though I'm sure there are many others.
  • I am tolerant and open-minded about everything except stupidity
  • I actively enjoy the subway - not the MTA which is a shambles, but the subway itself with the tunnels and lights and darkness and noise holds for me a mystery and charm.
  • I can take a nap anywhere. Park. Library. Train. Stone steps. I'll make it work.
  • I love global cuisine and want to try it all
  • Not only do I walk fast, I talk very fast. Luckily so do most of the people in my favourite bagel shop, deli and pizza place.
  • I am an avid reader so in any given situation I can always bury myself in a book. Subway buskers, sirens, crying babies, all tuned out.
  • I have strong arms and legs and big hands - all the better to carry heavy grocery bags, haul laundry around and take long flights of stairs two or three at a time.
  • From my proud nation I was given the gift of heavy sarcasm. This is useful when approached by douchey males who think that making a personal remark about me will get them anywhere.
  • Dogs like me. There are a lot of dogs here and they usually want to say hello to me. Not a skill or really a useful thing but I consider it a win.
Those are the main ones I can think of. I'm very proud of that list, this is a tough place to live so anything that gives you an edge is gold.
With all that in mind I'm going to head out into the concrete jungle with my pals and do some nice things this evening. I hope I won't have to employ my heavy sarcasm, and that my friends can walk fast today. Although perhaps this is one of the rare occasions on which I could slow down - I tend to forget I don't have to keep a blazing pace if I'm at my leisure. I think I will tell them to remind me to walk slower, just because today there is no rush.

Love peace and thunderstormsxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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