Sunday, August 3, 2014

Life is a carnival

Stuff what I done:

1) Vegan pop-up market which happens once a month at a venue in, where else, Brooklyn. I've been twice before and its a definite favourite because I can go for broke with indulgences without being a big cheat! I'm talking loaded hot dogs, brownies, I had a freakin Maker's Mark vanilla doughnut, macaroons, empanadas, they come up with everything. And I eat it all.

...later that day...

Dinosaur Jr!
South Street Seaport has a free musical festival once a year and headlining this year was Dinosaur Jr. I loved seeing them they were so laid back and gave zero Fs about anything and sounded the way some bands just should sound live, tight and strong but rough around the edges. A drunk crowd member decided to stick it to the man by ambushing the gazebo that was sheltering the sound guys and shaking its supporting poles whilst yelling 'f*** this tent!' so that was super duper rock n roll... yeah.

...later later that day...

Checked out a bar I've been meaning to go to for the longest time because it has a rooftop terrace. Verdict: two very enthusiastic thumbs up. Then to The Ritz (misleading, not a hotel, a bar in He.o's Kitchen) to join my friends, Michel has recently got into the drag scene and it's  going well for him. The Ritz is definitely a homebase for drag performers starting out in the city so he was doing some mingling and getting himself out there.

2) American Hustle at Riverside Park. I love outdoor films especially ones that have sunset over the Hudson as a backdrop.

3) Mister Sunday

At which we drink sangria, we eat tostada and pizza, we sit in the sunshine enjoying being in our twenties and we dance dance dance! And get very hot and sweaty. SO WORTH IT.

4) My visitor! Ellie is here, she came last weekend and left after a couple of days to go and do the work part of her trip and now she's back to do the tourist part. She has a New York pass so she has access to all the big attractions and destinations, and has already got a fair few under her belt.  Last night we helped out at a Yael Tap show serving drinks, not the most exciting way for a New York visitor to spend her evening but nice to spend time with her in a 'this is normal life just I live in New York now' kind of way.

5) This

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