Sunday, August 3, 2014

Clap Along

I have made some major oversights in my summer updates... maybe because I've been LIVING LIFE LIKE A BOSS aka making good use of the opportunities afforded me by the New York City summer.

This is a great city during the months of clement weather - outdoor concerts and plays, free events, food festivals, dance parties... and I've been to a bunch of 'em! I have also been babysitting a lot, summer also equals kids who need stuff to do all day. A major oversight was detailing my first ever overnight babysit which was on the Fourth of July which was a while ago now! I took care of Amosi Pres. The Pres family are the good friends of the Evens, my usual family and the parents went away for a night for the mum's Birthday so I stayed over. It was good fun because they were quite happy for me to treat it as a special day for Amos, no parents n all. So I went for broke, we ate chocolate, we bought balloons, Yahli came over for a sleepover and we stayed up late to watch the Fourth of July fireworks on TV, the next day they built a huge fort den in the parents bedroom, I ordered pancakes AND HAD THEM DELIVERED, that's right... it was pretty rad. And when Noga and Zwika got back they invited me to stay and watch the World Cup Game that was on at the time which was very sweet because I really didn't want to miss it.

So that happened... and then I had a bunch of fun. Here's the thing: audition time is a little dead at the moment as often happens in the summer. Summer summer summer, let's count how many times I've written summer so far.
Audition time a little dead, lucky me I'm attached to this great choreographer Ms Katie Pettit who assistant directed Supersoldier last year and tapped with me in it.  I did this workshop with her for a new musical by Jay Zimmerman,  a deaf composer who made a musical called Roboticus inspired by his decision to refuse a cochlear implant so he wrote a musical about a guy who has the chance to make technological improvements to himself and the implications of I went to be a robot for Katie which was fun. And last week (this is not a chronological blog) I did a performance again related to a new musical, this time based on Orpheus and Eurydice, which had five choreographers working with the same music. The idea was to a) see what happened when you do that and b) let the composer see his piece 'on it's feet' for the first time ever. I loved working on the piece that we did, Katie is very much my kind of choreographers, she doesn't use 'tricks' or rely on crazy extensions, or just link leaps to turns and call it choreography. She uses expressive pedestrian movements combined with more 'dancey' fluid motions and mixes 'ugly' with 'pretty' - all original and all in the name of having something to say and a story to tell, not in the name of showing off impressive but irrelevant skills. Love it! Because of her mad skills the composer loved her work and I'm positive is going to ask her to work more with him on the rest of the show, and since I'm a committed disciple I hope I'mwill too. We've also recently heard about next steps for Roboticus which is very exciting and I look forward to also hanging with Jay again, not only a great composer but a wonderful person.

That was basically an entire paragraph of disclaimer, to ensure everyone that I am doing productive and useful things not just having a blast with SUMMER fun
Now that it's out of the way I can talk about the great stuff I've enjoyed lately! Um...I have overwhelmed myself with the amount of typing...I will have to do this in more bitesize chunks.
Also to celebrate my one day off this week I'm pretty much just chilling at home doing domestic stuff. And relaxing. Part of which involved a shower beer. That's drinking a beer in the shower. I got given a case of beer ok, no judgments.

I'll be back! Xxxxxxxxx

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