Wednesday, July 9, 2014


It is official

On July 24th I will receive a visit from none other than the amazing, fabulous, spectacular


I can hardly wait, this reunion is long overdue and finally I can repay her a little of my floor debt - that is, she hosted me in her York Uni halls and later her house a number of times and I never had an opportunity to host her back, since she's from Charlton so hosting her in Hinton Ampner doesn't really count.  But this, this is different. She'll sleep in my room, I'll get to show her my city, we'll eat yummy food, all the things we have done before in York except in New York. Truly amazing and I'm beyond excited!

Monday, July 7, 2014

For Vicki

Thanks for reading Vicki I'm glad you had a look through, there's been some (I think!) interesting things of late (mermaids anyone?) And hopefully more to come.

One thing I need to gripe about.  Let's be honest there's a million things, I live in the city of gripes and that's part of why I love it so.  Right now I'm on grammar.  English language.
In my blog, a personal forum for my thoughts to just splash haphazardly around, I take a lot of creative license with my grammar, occasionally spelling too, but doubt not that in any setting where a level of professionalism is required I am the frickin grammar and spelling MARINE CORPS.
So I'm doing the thing, browsing through the audition listings and submitting for things and I come across a listing for a job which at first glance sounds very interesting, very appropriate for me, blah blah all the good stuff.  But they frequently refer to being 'casted', when you are 'casted' in the role, noone will be 'casted' until after the workshop process is over.
I don't want to work for anyone who makes such a glaring grammatical error in a place meant for theatre professionals, repeatedly...especially when you factor in that they paid for the listings space! Bah! Get it proof-read if you're not sure yourself! Nothing makes you look less professional or less trustworthy.  Yes I am inferring that I trust people based on their grammatical sounds worse than it is.  You know what I mean.  If you were looking for a job, a car, a house, anything else that would mean a substantial investment of your time/effort/money, wouldn't you want to know that you were in the hands of people who pay attention to details, check their work, care about good presentation and the whole parade? Not unreasonable.
On a related tangent it amazes me how many American plays, if referring to someone being executed by hanging, use 'hung' for the past tense of the fate of some unfortunate soul.  As anyone who ever read 'Maskerade' by Terry Pratchett (or was in a school production of it, pshaaawww) knows, 'it's dead meat that's hung'.

Hmm gripe over.  Back to submitting!

Yesterday I submitted a video audition which is all kinds of fun and difficult because you want to just keep retaking and retaking and retaking but there comes a point where you must just tell yourself STOP and submit what you have.

I am in recovery from a 32 hour babysitting stint, 9 on Friday til 5.30pm on Saturday, staying overnight.  It was a lot but thanks to the support of Yael and Yonatan (my usual family, it was their middle kid's best friend that I was actually babysitting) it was pretty nice, as 32 hour work shifts go.  The family kindly invited me to stay and watch the football when the parents returned from their minibreak to Philadelphia.  I'm so obsessed with the World Cup it's getting out of hand, especially since I'm gunning for the Netherlands (me and Joris had a wonderful live messaging conversation going on during the game from Rotterdam where he is currently) and so far they have beaten out Spain and Mexico and next face Argentina.  So that's Maite, Anel/Lola/Cristina and next Natalia who will no longer be my friends.
I kid of course, but it is funny that those happen to be the countries that have been or will be taken out.
I then had a horrible hangover all of Sunday because I celebrated surviving the babysit and the result of the game a bit too much.  I'm getting old, I remember a time when I used to say 'I don't get hangovers' and laugh at those who did.
Karma's a bitch.

Peace love and librariesxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Make believe

A quick update from the Morningside Heights library following a full day of babysitting (which followed a full 7 day week of babysitting).  Because the family moved on Monday the past week basically involved me showing up to the house in the morning, them handing the baby over to me and saying 'don't come back til we tell you to' obviously in much more loving parental words but that was the gist.  Noone needs a very active and talkative 16 month old around when there are movers, boxes, cleaning products and disassembled furniture pieces lying around.  So I have spent a LOT of time with Ari in the park, mostly a couple of playgrounds in Riverside Park that have sandpits, sprinklers, swings, climbing frames and a myriad of other wonders.  Of course he is uninterested and mostly just goes for benches, fences, the floor and occasionally a tree.  I would like to know who's brilliant plan it was to put all the great kid's parks AT THE BOTTOM OF VERY STEEP HILLS.  Very long, very steep hills.  So that on the way down you are trying to hang on to the pushchair and leaning back to an extreme angle to remain upright, and on the way back up having just spent an hour chasing a baby...oof, my biceps and calf muscles are getting huge.  I also have 'babysitter tan' which is a variation of farmer's tan - the tops of your arms get very brown from pushing the pushchair in the sun.  And the rest of you remains the same.

So mostly I've been working which is nice, got some things I've been waiting to afford! And continuing to enjoy my new living set up, still missing Lola of course. 
Jammy Lauren just returned from a week in Florida and it made me yearn for beach and relaxation the best way I know how - Kefalonia style.  Some day I'll make it back, I am determined.

I'm very into the World Cup this year and my fellow internationals are all having a great time stoically refusing to support the USA.  Sorry guys, it's a matter of principle.  The Netherlands knocking out Mexico of course was a tricky one for my group of friends - I remain neutral.

Last week I had a riot doing a two-hour event gig with Anel, at Central Park Zoo.  Private party for goodness knows what but there were a lot of people and a lot of kids.  Anel has previously worked for this company who hire people to be costumed characters and performers, so she asked me to join her for this one.  I ended up being some version of Elsa from Frozen (I haven't seen it and know nothing about it...thankfully no one asked me to sing and Jacob texted me a plot summary before I began) and Anel was Hello Kitty which cracked us both up.  We pretty much smiled and waved for two hours (yes she smiled even though she has a big Kitty head on) and had our picture taken a LOT.

Then the Sunday before this I was in a choreography lab for a new musical called 'Roboticus' inspired by the composer who is deaf and his experience being offered, and refusing, a cochlear implant.  It centres around a guy who uses technology to make a super version of himself, and questions whether or not that's a good thing that he can give himself super strength via an exoskeleton, etc.  It's very very clever and emotional, as things based on real experiences often are.  So the choreographers were working on a lot of robotic movements and machine-like formations.
If you add it up, in one week I was: a mermaid, a robot and a Disney Princess.  I think next week I'd like to be a flying Unicorn please and thank you.

PS in case anyone was wondering (and I don't see why you should be if you've ever met me)
I am NOT cut out to be a Disney Princess.
We got free buffet food though.