Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Girls will be boys and boys will be girls, it's a mixed up muddled up shook up World 'cept for LOLA

Pictures from Lola's party - you'll see on the wall that it says Hasta Luego - that's see you later, no goodbyes here.

I've never thrown a full on surprise party for someone before and I had so much fun doing prep with the help of my stalwart crew.  Lauren harboured me in her place while I was making the yearbook/cake, Jacob was my co-inviter and did house clean up the day, as well as balloons, snack runs and was part of the alibi, Maite and Anel took Lola away for the afternoon while all this was going on and kept her occupied and Letty and Mark came over early to help with finishing touches.  It's not the first time I've derived roller-coaster levels of adrenaline and excitement over planning a celebration (Thanksgiving, anyone) but this one had the added rush of time constraints and delicate planning in which one setback could have put the whole thing in jeopardy.  Yes, I am a loser...planning events gives me a thrill.

T minus 5 minutes to arrival - Mark is already behind the armchair.

Kick off


We begin with refreshments (I got 6 bottles of wine at Trader Joe's wine shop for $22.  They also have free wine samples there.  They open at noon.  Oops.)

Pop up hair salon by Letty for the guest of honour

Entertainment for the evening provided by Lauren...who else

Game time with Mark and Joya

My first piƱata cake! Make two cake layers, one in a domed container (preferably a deep oven-proof bowl  but I...used a wok!) when they are cooled hollow them out, fill with sweets and stick together with jam and by covering the whole shebang with a LOT of buttercream.  When cut, enjoy the sweets spilling out!

Roommate salsa

Nico y Lola

Maite captive audience

The nice roommate picture (Carlos in background as a one-time roommate)

And the noone was ready picture...except Carlos, this time

Professional salsa lesson

Cake cake cake

Group shot

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