Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Carroll Gardens: Part II

I'm back at chez de Sam and Val once again with Miss Tilly the cat.  This time they went to a wedding in Derby and then on a mini Eurotrip - according to the schedule on their chalkboard wall they're currently in Geneva.

In the interim -

Rockabye Hamlet opened and closed.  It was a lovely happy experience with friends and weird and very interesting audience reactions (I'm talking gospel-style praising, singing along, coming up to the stage to grab cast member's hands, crying...ya know)
I look forward to seeing some of my cast mates this weekend at a gig that the music director's band are playing.

I had the joy of performing in a staged reading of 'Greek' by Steven Berkoff, thus realising the dream of my sixth form drama teacher Kevin Davey who was just about obsessed with him.  The best part was I was reading alongside Sam AND Lauren, which is in fact the first time I've ever performed with Lauren - that's the dream, doing cool theatre with those you love.  PS Lauren got very very sunburnt teeheehee, serving as my warning for the rest of the summer.

The summer which has been really pulling through - a couple of grey, oppressively humid days this week that need a good storm to clear things up - but otherwise we've been getting heat, sun, blue sky.  This means lots of babysitting time spent at the park (have to remember to wear sensible shoes for when I'm called on to play football).

Of course the biggest thing that happened was that my dear Mexicana sister took her leave from NYC.  As much as I was prepared, I still feel weird that she's not here anymore because seriously - from the first day of my AMDA journey beginning October 2011 there has been a Lola in the room.  Until now the longest we've ever been separated was a month and that was a big deal (you can see how much in the blog post, I'm fairly sure).  We lived, worked, socialised, partied, rehearsed, ate, DRANK, shopped,  
danced and napped as a tag team for two and half years and how thankful I am that she was there watching out for me every step of the way.  Like, really.  No hyperbole.  Every step.  We'll be seeing her though.

We threw a surprise party for her featuring Spiderman balloons, a pinata cake, a giant version of the game where you have to guess the identity of the name taped to your head (a 2C favourite) and lots of salsa (that's why you invite Carlos Morales, salsa teacher extrodinaire - also he brought a wine opened when ours went missing).

My Birthday wishes to all three of my family who conveniently decided to have birthdays within a week of each other.  :D:D:D

And, dear Maman, many well wishes for you and a speedy healing process from various friends, also some admiration for the story behind the arm.  Good grief.

So if the biggest things have been Lola, Birthdays, broken limbs...the next biggest thing on the list iiis
Yes that's a huge deal
I love this series it means a lot to me, it is a stellar cast of diverse and talented women and the writing is smart and the acting is good and the everything is everything oh how I love it...
It streams the whole series on Netflix all in one go so it is a test of will not to watch it all at once.  I'm doing......not great but better than Jacob who watched the whole shebang in one night.  Bahaha so now he has to wait for me to finish so we can DISCUSS IT FOR HOURS.

Auditions, work, upcoming readings business as usual.  New roomies - nice, don't see much of them.
And I'm a bit under the weather - not sure how literal that is, it could be kind of pressure headache type stuff but I can't tell - the headache definitely features though.

Pictures probably for a separate post for there are many.

There you go Daddy I updated the blog!


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