Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Life is a Flower

So said Ace of Base, carry on smiling and the world will smile with you.  How true!

Ah such a lot to catch up on, I scarcely know where to begin.  I'll go with Rockabye Hamlet because it's the most current, I suppose.

We just had opening weekend.  Although the cast and crew were troopers it was not without its glitches - the first night was actually stellar and felt great.  The second night sadly we ran into technical hitches with mics, basketball players in our dressing room and the utter failure of the MTA to be able to keep its trains operating in a normal fashion.  That was an exciting one - having boarded the subway with my castmate Dace (Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are on the N train) I ended up sitting, literally stationary (I just understood where that word possibly came from) for a looong time...before moving one stop and again sitting there for a looong time...eventually we had no choice but to exit the subway and take a cab.  From Times Square, natch, to Astoria which is north west Queens.  Not a short journey.  Luckily we were not the only ones stranded in the wrong borough and along the way we picked up Ophelia and an ensemble member, splitting the cab fare and increasing our solidarity.  We made it to the theatre at 7.35 for an 8pm show...an hour after our call time...to find that none of the mics were working and that the basketball game that was supposed to end at 8pm in the basketball court next to theatre would in fact not be over until 9.  Oh yes, the basketball court has also been serving as our dressing room.  So we had to set up behind makeshift curtains in the lobby until the little bastards, sorry, basketball players, cleared out.  Of course the doors to stage right and left open directly onto the basketball court so anytime someone had to exit or enter there would be a wave of echoing bouncing rubber and cheering noise.

What's a cast to do but keep on being wacky and if nothing else enjoying ourselves.  The Sunday night was far smoother.  Two more weekends to go.  I have big love in my heart for the cast and crew who are caring fun kind individuals, my knee had a bit of a tantrum last week during a dress run and I felt very well cared for and am immensely grateful for the concern and comfort expressed and offered by every single person in the production.  Most especial thanks for my partner in crime Dacey who is really great at working around my malfunctions and keeping me smiling.

Meet some cast:
This is Kevin Reed of the three Kevins (yes there's three) being a very Hamletty Hamlet
This is the radiant and delightful Sam Turlington losing her marbles as Ophelia, also an AMDA grad
That's the tribe/chorus/Horatio/Marcellus/travelling players/gravediggers/whatever you need them to be L-R Meredith, Kevin Berger, Michael Grispin, Alison Klemp, Erica Diederich, Kevin Ruiter, Taryne Kellogg a bunch of killer human beings
On the left the mighty Abigail Ludrof my original partner in theatre crime from our 3rd and 4th AMDA semesters, playing Gertrude.  And the sublime Buddy Pease as Laertes, there's not much he can't sing.  Or do.
The most excellent and hilarious Landon Sutton plays Polonius and also is engaged to the choreographer.
This is Blair playing Claudius, he graduated AMDA in 2002.  He is an absolute boss, his voice is something else and in fact he reminds in many ways of a certain Howlin' Tim Richardson.  He's also the greatest guy.

And my current partner in theatre crime - Ros and Guil, the unsung best characters in Hamlet who in this version have an entire tap number.  For no reason.


There's so many other photos...I will do one photo blast because they make me smile and I hope they make everyone smile.  But for now, that's Hamlet.


We have all change, again, in Apartment 2C.  My dearest sister of Mexico will be heading south of the border at the end of the month so myself and Jacob have been hustling to fix a new situation.  We will be welcoming two new roomies and the balance of the apartment will, I'm excited to announce, be 50% USA and 50% UK! We are delighted to have found the people we did, they are great, AMDA grads natch and we get to keep paying the same rent, yaaaay.  So that's happening.

I've just returned from a stint of catsitting for Ms Curry and Mr Underwood while they were in Blighty surprising Sam's mum/picking up supplies for me/causing trouble.  I spent 10 days in and out of their charming one bedroom in Carroll Gardens, sort of mid to south Brooklyn, close to Gowanus Canal the home of last summer's Mister Sunday parties (also the home of a dead dolphin...) and close also to Prospect Park.  Very very nice neighbourhood but know what? I couldn't live there, me, now, as I am.  It's definitely a place for people who want to be settled, don't want to live with more than one other person unless they are related by blood, are financially stable and responsible enough to have cats, children etc, people who get the paper delivered and never do things like run out of food and milk so just eat dry cereal for dinner.  They also never sleep in their clothes because they were binge watching sitcoms until 3am...they also don't think that melting mango sorbet in wine is an acceptable thing.  I do, and I also sometimes do the other things on the 'never' half of that list.  I know I'm 24, and I'm getting the business side done ok, you know the paying bills talking to landlords earning money stuff.  But the idea of the other components that seem to make up a 'real grown up'...I'll admit once in a while I sign and wish I had matching tupperware sets and stainless steel pans and a functional vacuum cleaner but mostly, my priorities are vastly different and if I had the calm, ordered life of a real grown up I think I'd go bananas pretty quickly.  I'm definitely of a generation, and I'm definitely of a demographic.  But it's good to figure these things out before you go jumping into life decisions that you think you should make even if they don't actually feel right to you.  So that's something interesting I learned about myself while looking after Tilly Mouskowitz.  I like to see how the other half lives, in quiet, pretty Carroll Gardens with its pleasant bistros, artisan pizza and reclaimed antiques but noisy, multicultural, colourful, hustlers paradise Washington Heights is the place for me right now.

Coming up, a slew of auditions, the rest of the Hamlet run and very shortly after, a round of goodbyes for which I must begin preparing now...because they're going to hit very, very hard when they come.  Such is life, we move forward we grow we learn we change.  Namaste.

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