Thursday, April 24, 2014

Aaand the aftermath

Well, I am one happy happy bunny.  What a wonderful Birthday.

After spending my morning in my new Moominjamas doing my nails and Skyping, I went down to Greenwich Avenue for the much-talked about fish and chips.  Ruth met me there and had her first fish and chip experience (small pollock and a chip butty absolutely drowned in vinegar).  And we went next door to meet Charles and Anel and have pudding.  Also Lauren was our waitress which is a joy and everyone who has her as a waitress is dead lucky, she's a one-woman show.  I had treacle sponge with much custard and a pot of Earl Grey, AND Lauren surprised with a cream tea with a candle and my friends led the rest of the patrons in singing Happy Birthday.  I definitely teared up a little bit.

When we were thoroughly stuffed and almost nodding off from all the cakey things we made a move, everyone had places to be so I went by myself to find some new shoes.  Because honestly I have five pairs of shoes that are not falling to pieces and four of them are high heels so, that's no good! I found a cracking pair of navy Doc Martens in Buffalo Exchange, done.  I then went home to take a disco nap and drop off the things I accumulated (pressies!).  And then we went out out out! And I was snug in bed by...6am.

Myself, Lauren, Maite, Lola and Natalia went to a bar in the East Village where we sat and had drinks and told awful jokes, then we moved to one of my favourite places Otto's Shrunken Head, a tiki-themed bar that plays groovy surf rock/two tone/rockabilly and has shrunken heads behind the bar and fairy lights on the ceiling.  And we had fun in the photobooth they have in the back, and made friends with some other patrons.  And then the smart people went home and myself and Lola went with new friends to Manitoba's, a notorious punk dive bar in Alphabet City (where we found another photobooth...oh dear).

It was a great day, a great night and today the sun is shining, I have a stock of cake and chocolate and I am being very quiet and folding clothes in my Moominjamas...ahhhhh.

Ruth, Charles and Anel joining me for tea

Found a photobooth...

Save the date

Naty getting psyched


Surprise cream tea!

Birthday cake breakfast

Such special friends 
Treacle sponge


In Cod We Trust

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Off to a good start far there has been sparkly wine, chocolate, cheese, friends, and a song made just for me.
Much love is all you needxxxxxxxx

Sunday, April 13, 2014

The sun has got his hat on

Further tshirt customising...and I still have like 6 to work with.

Today is a glorious, glorious day. I went for a run by the river and on the way back I couldn't stop smiling, sure people thought I was two buttons short of a cardigan.
I also went off road to a spot through the trees where you can sit on a rock and sunbathe while gazing up the Hudson where everything looks blue and bliss.
I'd like to share some pictures of what I am calling Tessa's Gym - now that the weather is turning our way (knock wood no jinxes) I would far rather get my exercise outside.  Run to nice spot, use handy benches as exercise equipment, enjoy sparkles dancing on sunlit water, majestic view of bridge astride the Hudson, sweet little lighthouse, clear blue sky, people enjoying barbecues etc.
Repeat.  No brained...why would anyone wanna be in a sweaty gym running to nowhere when you could be here...

But really though.

Very bruised after last nights show, I'm in a number where I tap some and the rest is sort of contemporary non tap...I dive around on the floor a fair bit and it was a v. unforgiving floor on which to do so.  A fun night nonetheless with a series of choreographers showcasing pieces. And, bonus, on the way there (it was in Bushwick, Brooklyn) I stopped by a vegan pop-up market for an incredible hot dog covered in delicious pickled things and some sinful treaty things...nomnomnom.

After yesterday running around like a headless chicken (hot dog time notwithstanding) today I am being leisurely until its time to go to rehearsal in about an hour, apartment to myself, very strong desire for cake...hmm have to address that.

Peace and love and sun to everyonexxxxxxxzxxxx