Saturday, February 1, 2014


Great audition today.  Big non-equity open call for a theatre in Maine, doing a season with Grease, Mary Poppins, Billy Elliot and Witches of Eastwick.  So, a heavily-attended Saturday afternoon call, 220-odd girls crammed into the small corridor and two rooms at Chelsea Studios.
These calls are the stuff of my nightmares.  Seriously.  In the room with the panel, the actual dancing part, no problem.  But the waiting around, tiptoeing over bags and shoes and hair curlers, people dancing and warming up on top of you, listening to the passive aggressive comments inevitable in any situation with too many girls competing based on their talent and their appearance...AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHH!
I try to stay as removed as possible, but you have to stay close mostly so you don't miss your name being called or anything.  Thankfully the audition monitor and the casting associate - the two people you want to not upset because they are responsible for all the logistics of the audition - were an almost unheard-of combination of efficient, business-like AND polite and even friendly.  Audition personnel are notoriously snooty and bitchy and you get used to just smiling inanely and putting up with them being rude to you.  But these guys, total rockstars even though it was a big audition and they had serious time constraints - whoever you are wonderful people, I hope a karmic reward reaches you soon.
Danced twice and sang eight bars of Screw Loose.
When they asked if anyone could tumble I said only if you push me down the stairs.


In other news, my dear sweet friend Miss KT (that's Katie) Folk has been in hospital for TWO WHOLE WEEKS and just got out yesterday.  I am so happy she is out but she has a road to recovery ahead of her and everyone should send their healing vibes and positive thoughts her way.  Her anatomy decided to attack her a little bit, there have been two surgeries and lots of tubes up the nose, two weeks on an IV with no food.  I visited her this week and she looked teeny and tired.  It affected me very much because KT is my hero, she is a fantastically talented dancer and gymnast not to mention comedienne, she is 100% unique and totally herself with not a fuck given about what anyone thinks, and she's also strong as all heck in the physical and the mental sense - do not mess with this girl.
Except some idiot did and poor KT got home to find her laptop and camera had been stolen.  So even MORE good vibes her way please.  

Apart from that sad news, good day all round, spent some quality time with baby Ari who can hold a pretty decent conversation these days - if you go 'Ah' he goes 'Ah', also works with 'Ba' and sometimes you can say something to him and he responds by smacking his lips and making popping sounds which is hilarious and frickin adorable.  Cutest kid.

Tomorrow is the Super Bowl...yawn.  Big American football game, this year it is being held in a stadium in New Jersey so naturally NYC is going Super Bowl crazy.  Not.  New York couldn't care less.  NEW YORK CITYYYYYYYYY!

Love peace healthxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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