Friday, January 17, 2014

This week's rage

Well I feel like I wouldn't be me if I wasn't mad about something and here is the latest:

Bottled water.

I don't know what godawful parents raised their kids to think they were only safe if they drank bought, pre-bottled water, but the cost to the earth is unforgiveable.

Yesterday while working at the student store I put up a sign that said:


water when you bring your own bottle

Just to see what would happen, and slightly for comedy purposes.
Some didn't notice it but of those that did well over half asked 'when did you guys start doing free water?' or as my coworker reported (after I'd left for the day) 'I have a bottle, where do I get my free water?'

You should know that not long ago AMDA installed great new water fountains with a 'bottle filling' feature where you can just stand your bottle up and it gets filled up super fast, and there is one 10 paces from the store.
You should also know that in blind taste tests, New York water has consistently come top.
You should also know that many people are great about refilling old water bottles or having their own that they take everywhere.
Finally you should know that at the store I see people come back more than twice a day to buy a plastic water bottle.  MORE THAN ONCE A DAY.

Excuses I heard for why this is:

I leave them places
I don't want to carry a water bottle around with me
I like the flavoured water so in my room I have the packs of Crystal Lite and because we only have short breaks between classes I don't have time to...(this one I stopped listening to at 'short breaks between classes', she was talking to me as if I had not also attended AMDA and was not well aware of how long breaks between classes are, I am also aware that very few teachers would not let you out of class when you ask them politely if you may step out to refill your water bottle.  Also this girl's excuse was clearly completely moronic, it began with 'I like the flavoured water'...what are you seven?)

Nothing is ok about this, nothing.  It exhibits disgusting laziness, carelessness and ignorance.  People who think bottled water is necessary have no awareness whatsoever of the world that they live in.  When there are places on this planet where drinking this water does truly put the residents at risk of death and people here don't realise how lucky they are...well, that makes me all kinds of cross.

So, next weeks plan is think of ways to convince AMDA kids to refill...or better yet, convince the higher ups to allow us to put a limit on how many water bottles they can buy.

I am also happy to report that after I left work yesterday the assistant manager saw the sign and said 'take that down it's stupid'.

Ah yes, it's the SIGN that's stupid.
Bitchy, yes.  Stupid, noooo.

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